Gas Line Fix Still Undone After 2018 Explosion

Fire that resulted from a natural gas line rupture and explosion | Image by Jeffery Edwards/Shutterstock

Atmos Energy is still replacing service lines in northwest Dallas in the wake of a 2018 gas explosion that killed a 12-year-old girl.

While residents are pleased to have safer gas pipes installed in their neighborhood, some have grown frustrated with the disarray caused by Atmos contractors.

Local homeowner Spencer Marriot complained about an alley behind Lockmoor Lane that has become difficult to drive on, especially in the rain.

He said when Atmos began their work, he was “hopeful” the community would have “a new alleyway.”

“I was like, ‘Okay, maybe they’ll do the gas lines, do the alleyway,’ and it will be like it always should have been,” he explained, per NBC 5. “But it went the opposite direction.”

This week, the City of Dallas is working to repave the street outside the alleyway.

The neighborhood’s city council member, Omar Narvaez of District 6, said the City would improve the alleyways after Atmos’ work is complete.

“So now we work with everyone together,” he said, per NBC 5. “It’s something new in the policy where we try to put all infrastructure in at the same time.”

“Construction always is hard to live through, but typically when it is all finished and done we are all very happy with the finished product,” he said.

In a statement sent to The Dallas Express by Public Relations Officer Jennifer Brown, the City said the alley behind Lockmoor Lane is in such poor condition that it has been classified as a “failed” alley “and is a candidate for full reconstruction.”

“The City is aware of the alley condition and has it listed in the Needs Inventory for future repair,” the statement said.

Marriot said he thinks the neighborhood will be “a lot nicer” when the alleyways are fully repaired and the streets are no longer filled with cars.

In a statement from Atmos Energy shared by NBC 5, the company said it “thank[s] the community for their patience as we work to safely modernize our natural gas system.”

“Atmos Energy will be on Lockmoor Lane and in the surrounding areas to perform permanent repair activities for the next few months,” the statement continued. “This work includes paving repairs (including streets, sidewalks, curbs, and walking trails), landscaping, and sewer main inspections, which will take several weeks to complete depending on weather and resource scheduling.”

The company claimed it “remains focused on its vision to be the safest provider of natural gas services, and part of our commitment includes system modernization work that demonstrates a continued investment in safety, innovation, environmental sustainability, and our communities.”

The Dallas Express reached out to Atmos for additional information but received no response by press time.

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