About The Dallas Express

Mission Statement

The Dallas Express is a general interest daily news source covering events, activities, and citizens of the city of Dallas and Dallas County. Founded in 2021, the mission of The Dallas Express is to provide fact-based news for the people of the Metroplex. We believe that news should be reported dispassionately to place emphasis on facts over all else. News reports should always be direct and should never be “spun.” According to Gallup polls, trust in the media is at an all-time low. Only 9% of adults say they have “a great deal” of trust in their news providers. Our mission at The Dallas Express is to turn this trend around in the communities that we cover. We want Dallas readers to be able to place their trust in us.

Editors and journalists follow ethical standards in order to maintain the integrity of our publication. We believe credibility is important to our audience in order to gain and maintain their trust. Therefore, reporters must abide by The Dallas Express editorial code of ethics and standards.

Our Journalistic Standards

The Dallas Express reports on news, events, and the citizens in our communities without editorial influence from our journalists or editors. Here are the standards we use to maintain objectivity and integrity in our news operation:

As we build trust with our readers, we will not rely on or otherwise use anonymous sources whose statements by their nature cannot be challenged or verified by readers. The only exception will be if a story is so important that it needs to be reported, despite the unwillingness of a source to be named, and even then, any use of such anonymous source for a story must be approved by the publisher.

Second, our approach for publishing stories incorporates standards to prevent distortion. Our writers will be consistent in phrasing and terminology and will seek to use neutral language, especially for controversial subjects.

Third, we believe that individuals are equal, have personal freedoms, and should choose what is best for themselves. Anything to the contrary is oppressive. We will not highlight a person’s race or sexual orientation unless it is relevant to the story. Dependency of any kind is not something to lionize. We should encourage ourselves and others to help all people, even those beyond our communities.

To maintain the highest standards, we will update our journalistic standards periodically.

Conflict Disclosure Policy

The Dallas Express is committed to aggressively and responsibly reporting the news with accuracy, fairness, integrity, independence, and transparency. If an article mentions any person or entity that has contributed more than $1,000 to The Dallas Express either financially or in-kind, there will be a disclosure at the bottom of the article.

The Dallas Express does not receive contributions from United States or foreign governments or government agencies.

The Dallas Express will also disclose if we become aware that an immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child, or self) of the publisher, the publisher’s public company directors, or one of our staff members, writers, or donors/advertisers of over 5% of our revenues, are mentioned in or could reasonably and materially benefit from an article.

The publisher of The Dallas Express has significant business interests in the hospitality industry, including serving as the chairman of three public companies. From time to time we may publish articles related to hotels, online travel agencies, vacation rental properties, booking agents, and other associated topics. Know that our publisher may have a financial interest or could benefit by reporting these topics in a certain way or at all. This is a standing disclosure and will not be additionally disclosed at the bottom of these hotel industry related articles

The publisher’s shareholders in the 3 public companies for which he is Chairman comprise tens of thousands of investors that are constantly changing as shares trade on the exchanges. As such, The Dallas Express will not endeavor to identify if any article mentions or could potentially affect any of these investors.