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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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About The Dallas Express

The Dallas Express (DE) is a general interest daily news source covering events, activities, and citizens of the City of Dallas and Dallas County.

We founded DE in 2021 to fill a void in our Metroplex communities for fact-based, non-opinion news. We believe that news should be reported dispassionately to place emphasis on facts over all else. News reports can be direct and even hard-edged, but they should never be “spun” or carry editorial opinions to suit the political persuasions of our reporters or editors.

These are some of our guiding principles. We hope to hear from you if you believe at any point that we are not living up to them.

Trust in media is at an all-time low, according to Gallup polls. Only nine percent of adults say they have “a great deal” of trust in their news providers. Our mission is to turn this trend around in the communities we cover. We want Dallas readers to be able to place their trust in us.

The Dallas Express does not receive contributions from United States or foreign governments or government agencies.

Our Journalistic Standards

The Dallas Express reports on news, events, and the citizens in our communities without editorial influence from our journalists or editors. Here are the standards we use to maintain objectivity and integrity in our news operation.

First, our mission is to build trust with our readers. That means we will not rely on anonymous sources whose statements cannot be challenged or verified by readers. The only exception will be in the event that a story is so important that it needs to be reported despite the unwillingness of a source to be named, and even then any such story must be approved by the publisher.

Second, our approach for publishing stories includes the following standards to prevent distortion. Readers may not agree with every standard, but they will be able to know in advance what they are:

  • Government “spends” rather than “invests,” and raises or lowers “taxes” and “fees” rather than “revenues.”
  • Advocacy is either “for” or “against” an issue. For example, we use pro-abortion and anti-abortion, and pro-gun, and anti-gun.
  • No class envy—we won’t use gratuitous facts just to stir up economic or other grievances.
  • No “gotcha” or misleading reporting—we will make clear when a source intends his or her comment as sarcasm or hyperbole because this is how many people actually speak.
  • We will use quotation marks around terms when editors are suspect of their meaning.
  • The motives of individuals, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and all other actors in our community will be considered virtuous unless shown to be otherwise.

Third, we have some core beliefs that we will make apparent:

  • Individual citizens should have the right to choose schools and education systems for their children.
  • All races and ethnicities are equal, so we won’t characterize them as Asian, Black, White, or by any other race unless there is a reason the distinction is somehow relevant.
  • While all people are different, they should be treated equally—our fellow citizens have different genders, sexes, incomes, heights and weights, occupations, lifestyles, education levels, religious and political beliefs, and preferences, but it is close-minded to treat them as not equally deserving of rights or equally obligated by civic responsibilities.
  • Programs that create dependency strip humanity and dignity from those they are meant to serve, so we won’t lionize them.
  • Taxes are generally oppressive unless there is evidence that they serve a clear public interest.
  • Regulations undermine individual liberty and business productivity, and should not exist unless there is evidence they serve a public interest more important than liberty and productivity.
  • We should encourage ourselves and others to help all people, even beyond our own communities.
  • There is no nobility in oppression or victimhood, nor in wealth or poverty.
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