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Local Dentist Makes People Smile Again in Record Time

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Image of Dr. Kenny Wilstead | Image by Kenny Wilstead / Facebook

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Dr. Kenny Wilstead is making people smile again in record time, thanks to a breakthrough procedure that he pioneered. Now he is taking his methods on the road in a new Netflix series called Smile Again.

Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Dr. Wilstead has practiced dentistry since 2010. A graduate of the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University in Philadelphia, he runs his practice out of Garland, Texas.

Prior to opening his practice, Dr. Wilstead worked in twenty-six other dental offices of various specialties, enabling him to gain experience and expertise that he would later apply to his own establishment.

So, what exactly makes Dr. Wilstead’s practice so special? In an exclusive interview with The Dallas Express, he gives us the answer.

The married family man and father of three children describes himself as a “cosmetic dentist for the people.”

He says that he is not your average cosmetic dentist, and you won’t find a Porsche or Maserati sitting in the parking lot. He’s simply here to change people’s lives with a method that’s progressive and good for the patient.

“If they’re missing teeth or if they’re crooked or they just don’t want to get braces, I can straighten teeth in just a few hours,” said Dr. Wilstead. “I can correct a lot of things with the kind of cosmetic dentistry that I do. I change people’s personalities every day. People go from quiet and ashamed to very confident, very happy, and talkative, ambitious types of people.”

Dr. Wilstead isn’t shy about his unique dental procedure that naysayers said would not work. He explains that, in traditional dentistry, a lot of prep work is required beforehand to repair teeth that are in bad shape. This typically requires many appointments and a lot of time to accomplish.

“So, my breakthrough has allowed me to fix people’s teeth in the same visit that I meet them,” he explained. “Ninety percent of my patients fly in from out of state every day because they don’t know anyone else that can fix the kinds of things that I do.”

There’s no doubt that Dr. Wilstead discovered a loophole in the system, and he tells us exactly how it happened.

About 7 years ago, Dr. Wilstead was working for another practice in Abilene when a patient came in around 3 p.m. asking for a makeover. Knowing that no one in the office wants to stay past 5 p.m., he politely said, “Sir, we close at 5.”

“I have $10,000 if you can do it right now,” said the patient.

Dr. Wilstead told the patient that his boss was busy and wouldn’t be able to get to it that day.

The patient responded, “No, you did a root canal on me a couple of months ago, and I trust you.” So, Dr. Wilstead agreed to do the procedure himself.

He immediately took a mold of his teeth and brought him to the back to try and adjust it on the model. Dr. Wilstead said that if you can adjust the teeth on the model, it can be copied and put in the patient’s mouth the same way.

“Usually, it would take hours of messing with the model to get it to look right, but I only had five minutes. I had to start drilling on the teeth, so I had to come up with an innovative way to get these crooked teeth straight on the model,” said Dr. Wilstead. “I was able to think of a shortcut and had his mockup down in 5 minutes with completely perfect teeth on them.”

At that point, Dr. Wilstead’s boss, Bob, came around the corner about 15 minutes before 5 p.m. “You know nobody’s going to stay with you here past 5 to do this procedure,” said Bob.

Dr. Wilstead held up his finished and perfected model. “Oh no, I’m done, Bob,” he said confidently.

“Well, how’d you do that?” said Bob, more bewildered than boastful. Dr. Wilstead showed Bob how he came up with his work. “Oh, that’ll never work again; that was just lucky,” Bob said.

But Bob was wrong. Dr. Wilstead has been perfecting smiles in a matter of a couple of hours ever since.

But the work does not stop there. Dr. Wilstead’s office specializes in smiles, which can entail root canals, implants, bridges, crowns, wisdom teeth, and more, though the office does not do cleanings or fillings for cavities.

When asked about how he feels about his career, Dr. Wilstead told The Dallas Express that it’s a very fulfilling line of work.

“I mean it’s my favorite thing. I’ve grown up always trying to make people laugh and smile. So, when I found out that I could do this for a living, you know, it doesn’t feel like going to work every day,” he said.

“I get to come here and help people smile again; I mean my office is literally called Smile Again. People that have lost something very dear to them, I help them find it. It’s great being able to see the light return to people’s eyes and in such a short amount of time. Not a lot of things in life can be done so quickly like this. My sister’s a personal trainer and she says, ‘It takes me years and years to see the results, but you can do it in a few hours.’ So, it’s definitely a blessing and one that doesn’t get old.”

Dr. Wilstead also understands the importance of getting out there and spreading the word so he can improve even more smiles across the country. He’s currently recording a Netflix series named after his dental office, Smile Again, where he does just that.

Wilstead shared the premise of the show with The Dallas Express.

“We’re excited to bring that to Netflix. I bought an actual tour bus that I’m in the middle of renovating to put an actual dentist chair inside. We’ll be able to take this on the road and be able to surprise people at work or at school. Our tour bus will be outside, and they’ll come out and see the bus and know that they’re getting a smile makeover. And we’ll be able to capture that reaction and they’ll be able to go back into work that day and show everyone their changed smile. We just sent in the first episode and are recording the rest of the season now.”

Dr. Kenny Wilstead has undoubtedly found a way to bring happiness to people in a unique way, putting smiles on faces every day.

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Betty Quezada
Betty Quezada
8 months ago

Where is the office in Garland

Elizabeth Trejo
Elizabeth Trejo
Reply to  Betty Quezada
8 months ago

1501 W Miller Rd #180, GarlandTX

Last edited 8 months ago by Elizabeth Trejo