Opinion | The Truth Exposed Under Oath: Water Fluoridation Must End

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Many of us have protested fluoridation before the Dallas City Council for the last twelve years. We have alerted the Dallas City Council to the individual and generational harm from consuming fluoridated water that begins in the mother’s womb and child’s developing brain.

The neonatal brain is very fragile. Many chemical toxins permanently scar the developing brain of a child, but when they are combined, their poisonous effect is multiplied. We have provided the Council and our Dallas media have been given countless documents, scientific references and videos to back our claims. Science, medical and dental experts appeared before the Council in order to answer all questions, with the data to back their replies. But no one in Dallas is asking the questions.

We never got the necessary eight Dallas City Council votes to Stop Fluoridation! Why?

When on stage campaigning for re-election, CM Adam Bazaldua said, “I have stated many times I support your stance” in answer to the question I asked, “Will you support ending Fluoridation”. Candidate Adam explained he understood the health concerns and the need to end a 60-year-old program. Video of that event can be viewed here. After Bazaldua, got re-elected he flipped and he said anti-fluoride activists are using, “scare tactics and conspiracy theories.”

Natali and Clayton Morris and her husband Clayton host an online show Redacted that has 2.4M + followers. Natali Morris said, “When Science and Politics mix, Politics wins”. They are not afraid to cover what the public needs and wants to hear. They also are not trying to get re-elected or receive lobby money to repeat the propaganda. Here is a short interview with an independent journalist that was at the Fluoride TSCA Trial 1/31- 2/20/24.

The Main Stream Media did not cover one minute of the 10-day Groundbreaking Fluoride TSCA trial, the outcome of which, either way, will affect every American. Why not?

This is NEWS! This is a historic groundbreaking lawsuit! This trial is the first time a Citizens’ Petition denied by the EPA was then brought by the citizens to trial in federal court. The section of TSCA that authorizes citizens’ petitions, also says petitioners who later sue the EPA for denying their petition must be provided an opportunity for a “de novo” review by the court which means that only science is considered.

“The agency gets no deference. Its evidence is as good as the judge thinks it is,” said Robert M. Sussman, an attorney in private practice who specializes in TSCA and served as the EPA’s Deputy Administrator under former President Bill Clinton. In other words, Federal Judge Edward Chen has the authority to end fluoridation. See here.

Could it be that this “Landmark Case” is being ignored because the media has been complicit with the continuance of Community Water Fluoridation for decades? Media repeats “Dental Lobby Propaganda,” ignores the scientific truth and labels those that speak out as crazy. These gaslighting tactics have worked for decades. Dr. Paul Connett PhD, founder of Fluoride Action Network, explains these tactics work because “people do not like to be labeled as crazy.” An effect of the blatant intimation is that dentists, scientists, and policy makers are kept away from the literature. Connett says, “after he looked at the science… he realized these people are not crazy.” See this 13-minute interview with Dr. Connett.

Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., a science journalist with The Defender, reported on the trial daily. Her latest article, “Plaintiffs Ask Judge to Take Swift Action as Landmark Fluoride Trial Wraps Up” covered the February 20th closing statements.

One of the comments made by Plaintiffs lawyer Micheal Connett in his closing that resonate with Dallas activists was,” … the NRC told EPA in 2006 that its drinking water standards for fluoride are too high. They’re unsafe. They need to be lowered. EPA has never taken action to address that.” In addition, Connett said, “Dr. Barone’s standard of precision, perfection and certainty is antithetical to the command of TSCA to protect people before known harm occurs…We need to take action when we have evidence of risk, and we certainly have that here.”

Yes, we’ve had that evidence since 2005, and for over 12 years, well-informed Dallas residents have provided it to the City Council and Dallas media.

The Defender explains next steps: “Chen will now take time to assess the evidence presented and render a judgment. He did not offer a timeline for his decision, but plaintiffs estimate it will be several weeks.

“At the end of the hearing, plaintiffs also asked Chen to make the video recordings of the trial available online.

“Originally, the videos were scheduled to be uploaded to the District Court website as part of the Cameras in the Courtroom Pilot Program, but one of the parties contested the proposal according to court documents. Plaintiffs told The Defender they did not make the request.”

Trial testimony answered the question of whether fluoridation harms the baby brains in the affirmative. It subtly alters brains resulting in more learning disabilities and lower IQs. However, we are left with the questions of not only why is EPA so resistant to doing its job to protect consumers, but who is preventing media coverage and access to the trial video?

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