Sen. Cruz Makes Appearance at Two DFW Rallies

Sen. Ted Cruz at a campaign event | Image by Carlos Turcios/The Dallas Express

FORT WORTH — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz attended campaign events to support two Republican candidates in their primary runoff for the Texas House of Representatives.

Andy Hopper is running against incumbent Texas Rep. Lynn Stucky (R-Denton) in the Republican primary runoff for Texas HD 64. Stucky has been endorsed by Texas Rep. Ben Bumgarner (R-Flower Mound), and Hopper has been endorsed by Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton. 

Cheryl Bean and John McQueeney are running in the Republican primary runoff for Texas HD 97 to fill the open seat left by Texas Rep. Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth), who is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas’ 12th Congressional District. While McQueeny has been endorsed by Gov. Greg Abbott, Cheryl Bean has been endorsed by Cruz, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi, and Paxton. 

Cruz came to support Hopper and Bean at each of their respective campaign events, both attended by The Dallas Express, with his appearance drawing hundreds of people. 

“We’re here supporting Andy because you know what we need? We need people in Austin — we need people in Washington — who know what they believe and who have the guts to stand and fight,” Cruz said at Hopper’s event. 

Hopper said that the “Establishment” is scared and that more change could ensue with nine runoff races occurring across Texas.

If more seats are flipped, “Nearly half of … the Republican caucus in Austin … are going to be passing the most conservative legislation,” Hopper said.

“You want to know who’s going to save Texas and who’s going to save America? Look to the person to your left and to the person to your right that is stepping forward and saying we answer the call,” Cruz said at Hopper’s event.

Republican Brandon Gill, who is running in the general election for U.S. House Texas District 26, also came to support Hopper. 

“The Austin Swamp is going to come after him with every single thing that they have because the Austin Swamp does not want Andy Hopper in office. So we have got to fight back,” Gill said. 

“We’ve got to go door to doorWe’ve got to tell our friends and our community members and our church members that Andy is the guy,” Gill added. 

Shelley Luther, Mike Olcott, and Mitch Little, Republican Texas House nominees, also attended the event.

Later that evening, Cruz attended Bean’s campaign event. 

“Thank you all for coming, thank you for taking an interest in our state and in our country, andam so grateful for all of you for being here,” Bean said. 

“We need people who know what they believe — who don’t have to take a poll or stick their fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing,” Cruz said at Beans’ event. 

“We need people with backbone,” Cruz added. 

Bean contrasted herself and McQueeny, emphasizing her steadfast Republicanism — whereas McQueeny had previously as a Democrat — and arguing that her opponent is not experienced enough for the position. 

She shared that her faith played a role in getting her to run for office, saying God has guided her in this campaign race. 

“I am following Him, and I will fight hard for you, and I will do everything I can to make this place a better place,” Bean told the crowd. 

Following the two events, a spokesperson for Cruz told DX:

“Senator Cruz was thrilled to see so many grassroots conservative warriors rallying with two spectacular candidates — Andy Hopper and Cheryl Bean. Senator Cruz knows we have a unique opportunity to elect two rock-solid conservatives to the Texas House to help keep Texas, Texas.

“As Chuck Schumer and the radical left keep Senator Cruz in their sights as their number one target in November, the support of freedom-loving Texans who will stand up for conservative values is critical. Senator Cruz is excited to continue to barnstorm the Lone Star State to share his vision of liberty and opportunity for our state and nation.”

The primary runoff elections will be held on May 28, 2024.

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