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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Police Oversight Board Inquires into $100,000 Cash Seizure at Airport


Dallas Love Field airport. | Image from cbarnesphotography

The Dallas Express previously reported that Dallas Police seized $100,000 cash from a woman at Love Field. Now, a Community Police Oversight Board wants to know the reason for the action.

News of the seizure has since gone viral, with public reaction raging more on the woman’s side. Many have deemed the department’s action improper since the woman was neither arrested nor charged.

Police have not accused the woman of any fraudulent or criminal activity. Officers only found blankets, two large envelopes, and cash in her possession.

The Community Police Oversight Board has invited the police department to next month’s meeting to answer members’ questions about the case.

According to a CBS 11 report, Brandon Friedman of the city’s Community Police Oversight Board said during a Tuesday night meeting that he wants to know the rules and if the woman broke them.

“What I want to know are: What are the rules? And did this woman break them? And it’s not clear to me that she did,” he said.

Friedman said that while he understands that details of the case are sensitive and confidential and can’t be divulged to the public, somebody with oversight responsibility needs to be given the information.

According to CBS 11, Friedman further said at the meeting that he disagrees that the woman should be made to explain why she had $100,000 in cash at the airport since authorities haven’t deemed it illegal. “It’s not my business,” he said. “It’s not my business why someone’s carrying $100,000 dollars at the airport unless it’s illegal, and from everything we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to be.”

Attorneys, however, say that Dallas Police were acting within the law when they seized the $100,000, according to CBS 11.

Attorney Paul Green said that Texas law allows police to seize money based on suspicion that the carrier is involved in something illegal. Attorney Scott Palmer, on the other hand, says it’s up to the woman to hire an attorney and fight the police in court.

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