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Opinion: America at a Crossroads: Will We Choose Civilization over Unrest?


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Many of the migrants entering the U.S. at the southern border are fleeing rampant crime in their home countries.  They are paying the cartel-run traffickers and coyotes and risking everything to come to the U.S. for personal safety as well as economic opportunity, even if it means being raped and robbed in the process.  Many of them are finding that crime has become rampant in America.  We are living through an unprecedented crime wave here and it can be directly connected to the policies of the “woke” leftists.  But when it is time to campaign, these same leftists run away from their true positions and deny having ever said what they have in fact been saying.

The Senate race in Pennsylvania is the perfect illustration.  The current Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, is the Democratic candidate for the Senate.  During his term as Lt. Governor, he has supported “reducing” funding for police and suggested that the prison population could be reduced by a third without risking public safety. Reducing and re-directing funding is how these advocates of reduced protection of the citizenry have tried to distance themselves from having advocated “defunding the police.”  For them the police are the bad guys.  They have no concept of the “thin blue line,” which represents the line between chaos, anarchy and civilization.

So much of America today is experiencing the epidemic of lawlessness.  We see it in random attacks on innocent people in the New York subway system.  We see it in the forced closing of the Walgreens stores in the San Francisco Bay Area after a wave of criminals have been coming in and taking whatever they want from the store shelves and walk out feeling safe from being arrested.  And sadly, they are correct.  Prosecutors in many of these cities do not believe in punishing these social deviants.  They want us to believe that it is society’s fault that forces them to steal, and that it is racist to prosecute criminals.  The world truly has gone mad!  These criminals must be held accountable in order to restore law and order to society. That is the definition of civilization.

The criminologist James Q. Wilson introduced the concept of the “broken windows theory.”  He made the case that when a window was allowed to remain broken in an abandoned building, then the other windows will soon be broken too.  His realization was that if no one cares enough about the building to fix the window, it creates an environment in which criminal and anti-social behavior begins to thrive.

Wikipedia describes it:

In criminology, the broken windows theory states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. The theory suggests that policing methods that target minor crimes such as vandalism, loitering, public drinking, jaywalking, and fare evasion help to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness.

When voters elect leftists into power, their ideology triumphs over public safety.  The left today does not enforce the law at Walgreens.  The left does not enforce the law at the border with Mexico.  It is obvious their goal is a breakdown of order in society.  This serves their goal, which is to exert more control over the lives of the people.  This destruction of freedom is what is happening in so many places today such as Venezuela and Hong Kong, and they are attempting to do it here.

We must stop them now before it is too late.  We do want America to be open to immigration, but it must be legal and in accordance with existing laws.  Immigrants bring a great deal of talent to our economy.  But if laws are not enforced, the end result is chaos, broken windows and people afraid to leave their homes.

This November your safety is on the ballot.  Don’t believe those who say, “I support the police,” when their entire history is anti-police. It is their support of lax law enforcement and so-called bail reform that has brought us to this point.  We know they are lying and if elected they will stay true to form and not true to their current political rhetoric.  Please vote this November for the true candidate supporting the police and governance by rule of law.

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R Reason
R Reason
2 days ago

Will smashing more windows help the one we came to repair?