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Opinion: Transitory Genocide: Texas Grim Reaper Targets Minors


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There are many misconceptions when it comes to the alarming rate of children being transitioned in the state of Texas. Many well-meaning people are still ignorant of the fact that it does happen here. Most often, clinics that perform this type of child abuse are largely secretive about it, often using vague wording on their websites or encouraging parents to “call for more information,” to keep details discreet about what “treatments” they are willing to perform on children. There has been an exponential increase in the amount of these clinics that specialize in transitioning minors over the last decade, and that trend is likely to continue.

In Texas, there are at least a dozen clinics that assist in child transitions in some capacity. “Equality Texas” has estimated that there are around 17,000 children between ages 13-17 currently in the process of transitioning. Some of these clinics, like GENECIS (which has now removed its name and integrated its services into Cook Children’s Health Care System) in Dallas, provide “counseling services for transgender youth,” while doling out puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to patients who entrust them with their “care.”

Other clinics, like the Crane Center in Austin, provide gender mutilation surgeries for minors. The Crane Center was referenced in Matt Walsh’s recent documentary film, “What is a Woman?”, because of the multiple malpractice lawsuits against its founder for botched transgender surgeries on adults. If these surgeries are unsafe for adults, they certainly should NOT be practiced on children.

Many gender ideology proponents like to celebrate the clinics that provide children with “counseling” for their “gender dysphoria,” as if they are “holistically” treating the child. But the sad reality is that these counseling sessions often open the door for future use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and permanent gender mutilation surgeries. Unsurprisingly, most doctors require that children attend counseling sessions, and get therapist approval, before starting the transition process – for the sole purpose of protecting themselves from potential lawsuits when the child or their family later regrets their decision and seeks damages for reversal.

There are counseling clinics in Texas dedicated solely to providing “help” for “LGBTQ youth”, such as Dallas Rainbow Counseling. The level of certainty is not shocking that children leave these counseling sessions at clinics in worse shape than they went in, as these therapists ask very specific leading questions, and use carefully worded statements to guide children in the direction they want – towards the embrace of gender ideology, and the destruction of their biological bodies.

Equally horrific is that many of these clinics appear to be working alongside school districts to promote their indoctrination. In Dallas ISD, for example, the district website directs students to the GENECIS clinic so that students can begin the process of initiating hormone “therapy”, and transitioning while under 18.  LGBTQ issues are frequently seen in the curriculum now, with a heavy emphasis on the casual normality of transitioning, while planting the social construct of gender ideology into young minds and opening the door to more personal doubts and fears about who they are. Many schools even have library books about transgender children, such as I am Jazz, that glorify a “trans kid” lifestyle. Considering the facts, it is clear that there is a subversive, coordinated attack on the family unit within the effort to transition children. Our taxpayer-funded public schools are literally working with pediatric transitioning clinics and telling students where and how to get started – and worse, that it’s proper, even normal, to hide it from parents and guardians. It is disgusting.

Many detransitioners (people who have transitioned genders but later transitioned back) have come forward to speak out against child transitions, however, the Left tunes these victims out, and mutes their voices because it goes against their narrative. There are hundreds of personal stories of young adults discussing how they made the decision to medically transition, had surgeries as a teen, and later deeply regretted it. The damage done from puberty blockers and surgeries is irreversible, so why are we letting children make these life-altering decisions when they cannot yet even drive a car, vote, or own a firearm?

One thing that seems to be a driving force behind the push for child transitions is profit. Dr. Shayne Taylor, the founder of Vanderbilt’s gender clinic that operates on minors, coldly stated that medical transitions are a “big money maker.” Doctors are not transitioning children because they believe it is the right thing to do; they are transitioning children because it is extremely profitable. They will often encourage parents to transition their kids by claiming that the kids will kill themselves if they are not allowed to start “treatment”, and the parents are convinced they have no other choice.

The fact that this kind of child abuse is currently happening in Texas is abhorrent. Every day that legislation is not passed to outlaw these procedures on minors is a day that our lawmakers are allowing children to be sterilized, permanently disfigured, and deceived by the adults whom they trust most. While concerned Texans are widely speaking out against this, nothing has actually been done about it at the state legislative level. While banning gender modification of children is a legislative priority for the upcoming session, it is yet to be seen if anything will be done to bring an end to these atrocities.

We will continue putting pressure on legislators and raising awareness of this issue. If they will listen, and ACT, then we have a chance at protecting Texas kids from this Left-wing twist on transitory gendercide — doctors must not be permitted to murder the gender identities our kids are created with. No matter what hormonal drugs or mutilating surgeries are performed, boys will still be boys and girls will still be girls; and even after reversal procedures, the damage most often isn’t transitory at all, and children are scarred for life. Texas must square off against this modern-day Grim Reaper that comes for the souls and identities of our kids – and Texas must win.

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