Dallasites and Texans at-large have more than a presidential candidate to consider in the new year.

Hundreds of candidates have thrown their names in for consideration across dozens of local, state and federal offices as Texas looks ahead to this year’s primary election season.

The 2024 primary election, which at its core helps to determine the Republican and Democratic candidates that will duke it out during the general election in November, is scheduled for March 5. Early voting is set to commence on February 20.

It should be noted that 2024 will also see Texas add business courts and its Fifteenth Court of Appeals, signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year. The new courts will focus on certain types of complex commercial disputes and their appeals, among other matters. The initial vacancies for the business and appeals courts will be filled by appointment. Voters will see the available appeals posts appear on their ballots in 2026.

The Dallas Express staff took the time to highlight key elections ahead of the primary in Dallas-Fort Worth and across the state beyond this year’s presidential candidates.

Among the staff’s findings? Candidates were by far most likely to identify their profession as an attorney more than any other. Consultant, entrepreneur and business owner were the next most-popular professions listed among the candidates researched by The Dallas Express.

Candidate names were obtained through the Texas Secretary of State’s candidate information portal. Only candidates that have been approved to be in the primary election as a Republican or Democratic option were included in the breakdown.

Note: The Dallas Express sought to provide campaign websites for all candidates. Those not listed were not available when research was performed by COB on Dec. 22.

Click on the links below to access information about the Republican and Democratic candidates in this year’s primary election.