Adults Involved in Student Fight on Local School Bus

Weatherford ISD School Bus | Image by Weatherford ISD

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) opened up an investigation into a fight that erupted on a school bus in Weatherford earlier this month involving adults and teenagers.

The incident occurred on September 20, when a female student and another teenager onboard the bus got into a dispute.

“When the altercation began, the bus driver immediately stopped the route by pulling off the road, alerted the transportation department, and attended to the situation,” read a statement issued by Weatherford ISD, per the Cleburne Times-Review.

One of the two students involved in the dispute then “initiated the emergency release button that automatically opens bus doors, allowing two adults to enter the bus.”

Once the two grown women boarded the bus, one proceeded to repeatedly punch the first female student in the head.

The mother of the female student who was attacked, Elizabeth, declined to provide her full name to news outlets, but she told the Weatherford Democrat, “When I got there, the police were there, the ambulance, and a fire truck was pulling up.”

She had a younger daughter on the bus as well, who tried to pull the woman off of her older sister. The younger girl allegedly caught an elbow to the face, resulting in a bloody nose.

The mother said she took her two daughters to the hospital following the melee. Her oldest had a mild concussion and neck sprain.

She told the Weatherford Democrat she believes the two women were relatives of the student with whom her older daughter initially got into a dispute.

She stated, “What a scary situation … what if they would have walked up with a knife or gun? How do I know that nothing happens to them at school?”

District authorities and local police claim that the PCSO has “formally requested video footage from the vehicle,” and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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  1. Andromeda_E

    I thought there’s no tolerance policy for bullies? The kid open the doors and letting 2 adults on the bus need go to jail. Kid needs be expelled as well.


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