Local Man Recovering After Road Rage Incident

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Hospital bills are piling up for a Plano man who was shot multiple times in a suspected road rage incident earlier this spring.

Guillermo Oliva has been hospitalized at Medical City Plano for over 80 days after getting shot six times.

Plano Police Department (PDP) Detective Justin Duffy told WFAA, “We don’t know the extent of the altercation but it was very brief. At that time the suspect discharged a firearm at the vehicle.”

Oliva was shot once in the shoulder, once in the lung, and four times in the stomach.

From his hospital bed, Oliva told the news outlet that the shooting had changed his life completely. “I died three times,” he said.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help Oliva’s family with his medical expenses. He is expected to remain hospitalized for at least another month and will need physical therapy upon being discharged, WFAA reported.

“He didn’t wake up until about three weeks later. He remembers nothing other than waking up the day before,” said PDP Detective Jonathan Hay, speaking with WFAA.

Plano police said the incident resulted from an altercation involving two vehicles on March 3. Officers responded to the scene and found Oliva seriously injured. He was transported to Medical City Plano, where he has remained since.

Road rage incidents have been occurring more frequently in North Texas, especially in Dallas, which has been suffering from a significant year-over-year increase in murders in recent months, in part due to a police staffing shortage that City leaders cannot seem to remedy.

The Dallas Express contacted PDP and asked what people could do if they found themselves in a road rage scenario.

“If you believe you are going to be in an altercation, call 911,” said Jennifer Chapman, public information officer for PDP, speaking to The Dallas Express.

“Slow down, give that person some space, and drive to the nearest police department,” she said.

PDP officers identified Plano resident Robert Crolley as a suspect in Oliva’s shooting.

Crolley was arrested on March 23 and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to police. He is currently being held at the Collin County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Chapman confirmed to The Dallas Express that Crolley was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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