DPD Swamped Amid High Crime, Staff Shortage

Dallas Police
Dallas Police Unit | Image by Keith J Finks/Shutterstock

Easter weekend was a violent one for the city of Dallas.

As reported by The Dallas Express, several people were wounded and multiple people were killed in an apparent surge in shootings and murders.

The Dallas Police Department is already understaffed, and it continues to see an increase in murders and the volume of calls.

The department currently seeks to hire 250 officers.

Mayor Eric Johnson has hit the recruiting trail in an effort to bring more officers to the city.

Johnson told The Dallas Express at a recent community meet and greet that he believes adding to the law enforcement ranks is essential to combating crime.

“Do we need to address a shortage of officers in the city? Absolutely,” said Johnson. “Every year, every budget I’ve supported has funded public safety to the tune of hiring more officers, 250 a year, every year for the past couple of years.” Johnson said.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia likewise feels the impact of being short-staffed.

“The impacts on the department [are] increasing while staff is decreasing,” said Garcia, according to WFAA.

“But, ultimately, when you continue to look at the importance of staffing, I mean, I don’t want to look at it and be the frog in the boiling pot and not understand when you are boiling,” Garcia added.

DPD employs nearly 3,200 officers — about 600 fewer than the department had in 2005.

As of Tuesday, Dallas had logged 16 more murders this year than at the same time last year — 80 year-to-date — according to the Dallas crime analytics dashboard.

Murders had previously been declining from the sky-high rates of 2020, something Chief Garcia credited to the implementation of the violent crime reduction plan.

But murders have surged again, and the city has seen a 25% increase since this time last year, according to the Dallas Police daily crime briefing for April 9.

This leaves Garcia looking for solutions, one of which could be beefing up the police ranks to help prevent or manage outbreaks of violence like that seen this past weekend.

“Obviously, after these last two years of success that we have had, there are going to be challenging moments. There are going to be challenging weekends,” Garcia told WFAA.

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  1. Tommy

    Keep it up Dallas you are on the way to passing Chicago. Dallas is 1400 Officers short. Elect another DemocRAT.

  2. Bill

    When you support criminals instead of the Police this is what you get.
    The Dallas DA ran on being soft on crime and it shows. Dallas is on its way to being another Houston, NYC, Baltimore, LA etc, etc. Vote with your wallet and move to Plano or Frisco etc, etc.

    • Lyndsay

      It’s all on DA Creuzot!! He’s Mr. Soft on Crime and he just so happens to be a far leftie! Can’t believe what has happened to the great city of Dallas and continues to happen daily!!! Sure can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to work for the DPD or any other PD!

      • Janet

        Sounds like the DPD could use your help! Instead of complaining and blaming a duly elected DA for the shortage of staff and overwhelming increases in crime, offer to volunteer or join the force yourself. If you disagree with his political views, or his efforts, do it for yourself and show them how it should be done. There are many things that can be done to help relieve the burden of those who are doing their best to protect this city. If need be, find a candidate and help them get elected if you think they can do better. Finger pointing and constantly complaining is not a solution. Involvement is a start.

        • M.Hatami

          your comment made me thinking of becoming a volunteer! You’re absolutely right ; an ounce of help is better than tons of mere complaining and finger pointing. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    • Lay Monk Jeffery

      I partially agree, the DA is a softy and should be released from his title and duties. If you run from your home and not stand up for it, it becomes Detroit. At least not yet, there is still hope.

  3. Lay Monk Jeffery

    Fire the DA and maybe, just maybe you can fill the vacant badges that are much needed to protect our great city! It’s truly sad that we the people can see the transparent issue but yet those who have been given power can not, will not or just don’t want to. Back the Blue and may you all be safe.

  4. Tee

    Well Mr. MAYOR, since you’re big on recruiting but can’t even speak to the security officers in an office building you enter, why would we want to work for the department?! Start with coming to security officers and encourage us to see the benefit of leveling up our capabilities to help increase staffing for DPD. Oh wait, when we need help and can’t get it because our calls aren’t viewed as priority we’re left to fend for ourselves, and deal with the issues the best we can because we’ll hear from DPD the next day. Then again, go to the schools and talk with graduating seniors and encourage employment with them. By the way, can’t be SOFT on all levels of crime. What the department views as non-priority can turn to a priority call very quickly. By then it’s too late.



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