More Mid-Week Storms Possible for North Texas

Rain and umbrella | Image by Julia Sudnitskaya

More storms are expected in Dallas and the metroplex for the final week of March.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth (NWS) has predicted warmer temperatures and chances of rain and thunderstorms throughout this week.

An atmospheric disturbance brought cloudy conditions across the region on March 27, with showers and thunderstorms in some areas of the metroplex. A cold front following this disturbance dropped temperatures into the 60s.

Temperatures will begin to rise on Tuesday, bringing a warming trend and a threat of severe storms. Temperatures will rise into the 70s between March 28 and March 31.

The trend of late-week storms will continue with an increased chance of severe weather in the late afternoon hours of March 30 into March 31.

Patricia Sanchez with the NWS in Fort Worth told The Dallas Express that any storms produced on March 30 would likely occur in the western portions of DFW, with chances of severe weather increasing into the overnight hours.

Sanchez also said there is an increased risk of fires in areas west of the metroplex due to “very dry [conditions and] warm temperatures” and the possibility that these areas could miss any rainfall.

“At this point, everybody has that potential for severe weather. Of course, as we get closer, the data gets better, and then we’ll be able to pinpoint where there will be higher potential,” said Sanchez.

A wave of storms passed through the region last week, bringing severe thunderstorms and damaging winds across North Texas, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. A tornado warning was issued for Springtown, Reno, and Boyd.

This same storm system produced a powerful tornado in Mississippi as it moved east, resulting in the deaths of 25 people. Some witnesses described the EF-4 tornado as a “monster,” according to BBC News.

The beginning of April will see a chance of showers, albeit lower than previous days. Chances of rain are anticipated to remain in the eastern and central portions of the state.

Temperatures are expected to remain in the 70s on April 1 and rise into the low 80s on April 2.

The NWS advises that citizens be aware as weather conditions develop.

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