Ben Carson Touts New Programs on Dallas Trip

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Dr. Ben Carson was in Dallas on Wednesday, March 22, at Dallas Baptist University to introduce and promote two new programs, Little Patriots and Executive Branch for America.

The former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, neurosurgeon, and founder of the American Cornerstone Institute, Carson spoke to The Dallas Express about the two programs offered at the institute.

“We’re here in Dallas today at Dallas Baptist university to talk about one of our new programs, Executive Branch for America, which helps to prepare people for work and government,” Carson told The Dallas Express.

“So often when political appointees are made, they come to Washington, and they’re like a deer caught in the headlights. There’s so many rules and regulations and permutations of the law, and you have to familiarize yourself with all those things to be able to have an impact,” Carson added.

He explained to The Dallas Express that getting familiar with the process sometimes takes months or more.

“We want … people to be able to hit the ground running, so by preparing this series of classes and curriculums and completing them, a person will have a tremendous head start. It’s all free of charge,” said Carson.

Executive Branch for America is a program that aims to educate Americans about the role and functions of the executive branch of the government.

The program will provide online resources, educational materials, and interactive events for students, teachers, and members of the public.

The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of how the executive branch works and how it impacts the daily lives of Americans.

Carson highlighted the importance of civic education and the need for Americans to better understand their government.

That’s another reason he and the American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots program.

“The Little Patriot’s Program is another one of our programs; that’s why we say we’re not just a think tank, we’re a do tank, too. We do things, and it provides free online supplemental teaching for K -5, teaches all the things about America, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but looks at it objectively, and when you look at it objectively, there’s a lot more good than there is bad and ugly,” Carson added.

The Little Patriots Program provides educational materials and activities that teach children about American history, culture, and values. The program will include online resources and interactive events for families, schools, and community organizations.

The program is entirely free.

To learn more about Carson’s work and the Little Patriots and Executive Branch for America programs, visit the American Cornerstone Institute website.

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