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Banksy’s Art Exhibit Coming to Dallas

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Banksy artwork | Image by Banksy

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Artwork from one of the most controversial visual artists of the 21st century is currently on an international tour, and residents of Dallas will have two opportunities to see his work in person.

Banksyland will feature the works of Banksy, the British painter whose identity has been kept secret since his early days as a graffiti artist. The exhibit has been scheduled for two consecutive weekends somewhere in the Dallas area, but the precise location has not yet been disclosed.

Banksyland will take place Friday, June 24 through Monday, July 4, somewhere in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. The event kicks off this year’s Fourth of July weekend celebrations.

Tickets for this underground art gallery event start at $22 per session. There is also a $59 ticket option that includes a guided tour plus a special edition poster commemorating the event; this is an instant collectible item that is likely to appreciate in the near future, given Banksy’s profile as a provocative artist who routinely makes international news headlines. As with previous Banksy gallery exhibits, this one features limited tickets guaranteed to sell out quickly.

The Banksyland tour is an immersive experience that may or may not be associated with the artist. The exhibit is advertised as “unauthorized and uncensored.”

One of the reasons Banksy remains anonymous is that his famous street art pieces are treated as vandalism in many jurisdictions, which means that he could face arrest. This artist is also critical of consumerism, and for this reason, he does not formally sign off on exhibits, but this does not mean he will not have any access to the cash raised by the Banksyland tour.

Over the last two decades, Banksy has donated millions of dollars to various charitable organizations that advocate for social justice issues; the funds come from art auctions and special exhibits such as Dismaland, an event that brought in more than $20 million in revenue.

The first stop of the Banksyland tour was in Oregon at the Factor Building in the trendy southeast section of Portland. Those who purchased tickets had to watch their social media feeds to determine the exhibit’s location, which was unknown until a few days before opening.

For the Dismaland exhibition, Banksy collaborators intentionally leaked the gallery location while visiting local pubs and chatting up patrons and bartenders. The Dallas exhibit may use a similar approach to promote Banksyland at bars and clubs near the Dallas Arts District.

According to a review of the Portland exhibit, Banksyland consists of more than 80 pieces and installations. Event organizers and gallery guides will not tell you if the works are originals, alternate versions, or curated copies — part of Banksy’s mystique.

Connoisseurs who attended the Portland show recognized quite a few originals, in addition to a dimensional interpretation of Banksy’s iconic “Love Is In the Air” figure, done in collaboration with 3D artists to bring to life one of Banksy’s most beloved and often used icons. The original Banksy work dates back to 2003, and first appeared on a Jerusalem wall dividing Jewish and Palestinian settlements in the West Bank.

For tickets or more information, visit the exhibit website.

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