College Football Playoff Rankings Revealed

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University of Texas football field | Image by Barbara Kalbfleisch

The College Football Playoff Committee announced the first edition of its 2023 College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday night, revealing a more accurate depiction of the landscape of the potential four-team playoff field.

The Texas Longhorns (No.7) were the highest-ranked team in the Big 12 and the only Texas university featured despite a loss to Oklahoma (No.9) at the beginning of the month.

Here is the entire Top 25 for Week 10:

1    Ohio State 8-0
2    Georgia 8-0
3    Michigan 8-0
4    Florida State 8-0
5    Washington 8-0
6    Oregon 7-1
7    Texas 7-1
8    Alabama 7-1
9    Oklahoma 7-1
10    Ole Miss 7-1
11    Penn State 7-1
12    Missouri 7-1
13    Louisville    7-1
14    LSU    6-2
15    Notre Dame 7-2
16    Oregon State 6-2
17    Tennessee 6-2
18    Utah 6-2
19    UCLA 6-2
20    USC 7-2
21    Kansas 6-2
22    Oklahoma State 6-2
23    Kansas State 6-2
24    Tulane 7-1
25    Air Force 8-0

The five remaining undefeated Power Five schools lead the way as expected, but Ohio State at No.1 is a bit of a surprise. The Buckeyes have two top-15 wins, while the rest of the top four have yet to play their most challenging opponents. Washington’s recent struggles may have factored into its ranking.

“With several 8-0 teams, the committee debated it all. Ohio State was ranked No.1, due in part to their big wins against Penn State and at Notre Dame,” CFP chair Boo Corrigan told the media during a teleconference. “Georgia No.2 is an excellent team and they keep winning decisively. Michigan was ranked 3. The committee was impressed at how they’ve dominated their opponents. Florida State was ranked 4 with their win against LSU helping make their case.”

No.6 Oregon leads the one-loss teams, one spot behind Washington after an epic shootout between the two PAC-12 foes. By the same token, Texas sits one spot above an Alabama team it beat earlier this season.

In the past seasons, head-to-head matchups have not carried as much weight as some people have assumed they should for the committee. This week’s rankings give a bit of a mixed message because the Longhorns have been given the head-to-head advantage over Alabama, but they are still ranked higher than an Oklahoma team that beat them.

Corrigan explained that Oklahoma’s loss to Kansas and close game against UCF over the past couple of weeks influenced that decision.

The Big 12 has five teams in the poll, and four are currently part of a five-way tie for first place in the conference.

Defending Cotton Bowl champion Tulane is the highest-ranked Group of Five school, giving it the lead to win the only G5 spot in a New Year’s Six Bowl, which goes to the highest-ranked G5 team at the end of the regular season. No.25 Air Force is also in the running.

The SEC and the PAC-12 are tied for the most teams featured in the initial rankings, with six each.

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