Local PR Entrepreneur Helps Small Businesses

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Local entrepreneur Leah Frazier is working to help small businesses market themselves and spread the word about their services to the rest of Dallas.

Frazier founded Think Three Media, a Dallas-based public relations and marketing firm, in 2015. She discussed the story of her acclaimed company in a recent interview with The Dallas Express.

“We started with just fashion businesses, and now we’ve expanded to food and lifestyle, arts and entertainment, and represent high-profile individuals,” she said.

Frazier told The Dallas Express that she started the company because she “realized that there were small businesses who had incredible stories [and] incredible products or incredible services, but they could not afford marketing.”

“I started my business because I had established relationships with all the major media, with all the influencers, to help these smaller businesses get their stories out,” she said.

Frazier explained that Think Three Media drafts press releases and books interviews with magazines, radio stations, and TV stations to help small businesses reach a larger audience.

“If there is paid media, we consult with [the small business] on what the best avenue would be for them to get more for their dollar or reach their audience,” she said. “We help people with a launch strategy and getting it out publicly.”

Frazier said Think Three Media has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits since the company was founded.

“We are very detailed. … We’re very transparent,” she added. “We provide our clients with access to every single touch point of outreach so that they can stay involved in the process. … We’re able to articulate and tell people’s stories in a way that really captures their business in the best light versus them just being another number in the pipeline.”

Frazier said Dallas is a premier city to start a business.

“I think Dallas is one of the top cities to help promote and foster growth,” she said, citing the Dallas Entrepreneur Center as a top resource.

“It’s free to go to their events. [For] some of them, they do charge, but a lot of [their] resources are free,” she said. “The network is amazing. It will put you in touch with the right people.”

She also pointed to the Small Business Administration, the Dallas Regional Chamber, and the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce as available resources for budding entrepreneurs.

Frazier told The Dallas Express that the biggest challenge has been “scaling the business.”

“We have a lot of folks that want to work with us. However, I don’t have the manpower,” she explained. “We’re very small. There are a lot of businesses that need our help, and we just can’t.”

She said her proudest accomplishment with Think Three Media has been working “to promote the healing of the city.” She pointed to the company’s participation in Big D Reads last year.

“The Dallas Mavericks were involved, Amazon was involved, and to be the PR firm that was chosen for such a large city-wide project … was absolutely amazing,” she said.

In addition to Think Three Media, Frazier runs another business on the side, Leah Heals, which provides “meditation [and] sound healing sessions.”

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