Opinion: Biden’s Independence Hall Speech was Pure Demagoguery


President Biden at Independence Hall | Image by CNN

Dynamic personalities can move crowds by appealing to their emotions.  This can be done with words and images.  President Biden attempted to take the attention off of his failing presidency, while marginalizing and even criminalizing close to half of the voting population of America, and he chose to do it at one of America’s most historic locations, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

His attempt to manipulate the American body politic is apparently failing as his disapproval numbers remain at historic lows.  Perhaps Americans are not yet in such a state of despair as were the Germans when Leni Riefenstahl stage managed speeches by Adolf Hitler. Biden is certainly no Hitler, but he is acting like a Third World dictator, using the FBI and Justice Department to go after his political opponents in ways this country has never seen. And as if we needed a reminder of how the media covers for the regime at every turn, CNN changed the lighting during his speech from the angry red that Biden’s handlers chose for that moment, to a soft pink.

Perhaps while we still have, however limited, media outlets that will point out how the Biden family has sold out to China and other Communist and authoritarian countries for tens of millions of dollars, and that will offer genuine analysis of the dishonest demagoguery of this speech, the Biden regime may not be able to  create the mass hysteria and turmoil intended.  The concern is that this speech is throwing down the gauntlet to begin to so discredit Biden’s and the Democrat’s opposition, and in order to protect the public from the “Maga Republicans” they will begin to shut down opposition viewpoints.

We learned just this week that the Biden administration pressured the social media giants, like Facebook and Twitter, to actually censor statements they determined to be “misinformation” about the COVID-19 pandemic. It came out in a lawsuit filed by some Republican state attorneys general.  These are the same forces that conspired to cancel anyone expressing the view, just prior to the 2020 election, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a real thing that exposed crimes and corruption in the Biden family, and not Russian disinformation.        

If we believed that the ideas put forward by an evil opposition were intended to destroy democracy, the next step would be to stop them before they succeed.  When the religious appeal is made for the “Soul of America,” as the speech was called, how can the people allow the God derived soul to be destroyed?  The opposition must be stopped by whatever means possible. Fair play, truth, respect for concepts like equal justice under the law do not matter.  They must be destroyed.

Do they ask themselves, what does MAGA even stands for?  It obviously has been poll tested to draw a sharp response.  But MAGA stands for Make America Great Again.  Can we ask them what part of that is dangerous?  What part of that do they oppose?  However, if Biden can make MAGA something forbidding then MAGA must be stopped. Trump supporters have embraced the MAGA label.

The lies pile up. The border is secure, inflation is transitory, were not in a recession, and Joe Biden never talked to his son or any of his business associates about Hunter’s business dealings.  He accuses the Republicans of preventing minorities from voting, but without evidence. It is common sense to have voter IDs, to maintain the accuracy of voter rolls by removing dead people and those who have moved away, to require matching signatures, but to Democrats those safeguards are voter suppression.

The only laws to keep blacks from voting were put in place by the Democrats during the Jim Crow days.  Biden’s accusations of violence by the Trumpies rests on what really happened on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol. It was a demonstration that got out of hand, but how much of the blame should fall on Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Bowser, who turned down the offers of National Guard troops by President Trump. It was no armed insurrection, as the only two people who were killed or died that day were Trump supporters, despite Biden’s repeated lies that multiple policemen were killed that day by the rioters.

Where is Biden’s condemnation of the “peaceful protests,” fires and destruction in Minnesota, Wisconsin and in front of the White House.  There were many deaths, including police officers, and billions of dollars worth of property destroyed. But silence from Biden.  This was true insurrection, with looting, burning and killing police officers and taking over government buildings. Over 500 such “protests” took place during the 2020 summer of love. But all we heard was silence, and that this was righteous indignation.

In claiming a goal of unity Biden accused half of America of being enemies to democracy.  As he ignores the laws duly passed and signed regarding student loans, entry into the US over borders and supporting lockdowns over a virus, how dishonest to accuse the Republicans of being anti-democracy.

The Hades looking red light background, the immoral and probably illegal use of US Marines as props standing behind him, is pure theater. Biden is desperate to take the attention off himself and his failed policies in time to possibly hold on to both houses of Congress in the November midterms.

Hopefully the American people will not fall victim to this attempt of mass hysteria.  Certainly, many in the media are in full support.  Historian Michael Beschloss proclaimed the speech to be on the level of Lincoln’s “A House Divided” speech, though he was wrong about when that speech took place. Some historian.

We cannot let them succeed.  They must be stopped at the ballot box.  It is our obligation to get the truth to the voters.  Tell your friends and family to analyze Biden’s speech and compare the facts with the allegations he made.  If we can do this we can stop the Left from turning this great country over to the heirs of Stalin, Hitler and Hugo Chavez.

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6 months ago

Quick correction- “approval rating is at a historic low.” Excellent Op Ed piece. Get out and VOTE.