Opinion: An Open Letter to the Texas Governor

Official Seal of Texas Governor
Official seal for the Governor of Texas | Image by Carrington Tatum

Dear Governor Abbott,

I just saw on the news where you sent a busload of immigrants to Washington DC and held a press conference blaming the Biden Administration for a host of Trump created woes.

While I admire a man of action, I think a man who makes excuses for those actions is weak.

There are a lot of problems going on in the world right now, and as the largest state south of the Canadian border, you have more than your share of them.

After all, everything is bigger in TX.

Especially the hubris and braggadocio.

Instead of whining that the Federal government is making your job harder, be a man suited toward solutions.

The world needs more of that right now.

Take my home town of Pine Bluff Arkansas for instance.

PB has a long history with TX and her people.

We have ridden to revenge the Alamo, crossed the state lines to chase outlaws and horse thieves, and sent many of our residents to Dallas to get a taste of big city living.

We have even welcomed some Dallas residents who were fed up with crime and government inaction back into the state where they have imported the design, layout and even the bad elements so that now we are faced with many of the same problems you encounter.

Which makes me a solutions oriented expert to solve your problems.

Let’s focus on the immigrants at your border.

Instead of bussing them to DC, give me 48 hours notice, and send them to Pine Bluff.

You see, PB has a population problem. It’s shrinking, which erodes our tax base.

People are leaving the city for more opportunity or to escape a bad reputation.

This gives us a surplus of housing, and a surplus of jobs at the Tyson Poultry plant as well as Central Maloney and even 20 miles way in Stuttgart.

I want to bring 1000 families into PB and use Federal Dollars for English as a Second Language training. I want to use Federal Dollars for housing projects so the families have roofs over their heads, until they get their steady paycheck going from the industries we have here.

I then want those families contributing to our tax base, and helping the community grow.

More families means more children in school, more opportunities for soccer and baseball and softball leagues at night.

More people going to the bowling alley and movie theaters and eating out at restaurants.

More families buying groceries and pushing their earned money out into our local economy.

In short, don’t bus the people at the border to DC. Please send them to Arkansas.

It’s almost like a history lesson.

Because in the 1800’s, a ton of pioneers crossed the Red River into the Lone Star State and decided to call it home.

Despite it being part of the sovereign nation of Mexico.

A lot of those pioneers were killed. By Indians. By Mexicans. Because they were illegal immigrants into the territory.

Two hundred years later, we haven’t learned a lesson because of small minded men who think they know better.

Unfortunately for us as a nation, a lot of those small minded men are now in political positions of power.

And for some reason, we the people give them credit for reaching that pinnacle, like it’s some sort of success.

Which seems akin to glorifying the words of an athlete over a plumber.

But that discussion is for another time.

Right now, send me the poor masses huddled at your border.

We will show them hospitality, offer food, shelter and a way to integrate into the American Dream through hard work and contribution.


Chris Lowry

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  1. Orlin Chotev

    Nonsense. Once released in the US, they won’t stay in your town, to solve your population problem. They’ll go wherever they want.
    And stop finding excuses for illegal immigration!

  2. Tonya Affuso

    Trump created problem?!?!?!? Are you delusional? Trump closed the borders, and guess who opened them up? BIDEN. THUS the influx of illegals flooding the state of Texas at an alarming rate.


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