Ivanka Trump Testifies in Civil Fraud Lawsuit

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump | Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump arrived in New York on Wednesday to testify in the $250 million civil lawsuit against her brothers, father, and the Trump organization.

The case revolves around allegations by New York Attorney General Letitia James that former President Donald Trump and his business associates conspired to falsify financial statements to obtain better loan and insurance terms.

Engoron previously ruled on the case’s central claim and found that Donald Trump committed fraud, resulting in his business license being revoked in New York. 

Trump’s daughter, the fourth member of her family to testify in the case, took the stand just two days after the former president gave his testimony. While on the witness stand, the senior Trump used the opportunity to criticize New York District Judge Arthur Engoron, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Ivanka distanced herself from the allegations against the business while on the stand, saying she did not recall much since “There were many emails, many conversations,” per Reuters.

Ivanka was shown an email in which she acknowledged that her father had a net worth lower than the Deutsche Bank requirement of $3 billion, but she proceeded to recommend that the company approve the loan.

“We wanted to get a great rate, and the only way to get proceeds/term and principal where we want them is to guarantee the deal,” she wrote in a 2011 email to an attorney, according to Reuters.

The requirement was later lowered to $2.5 billion, but her father reported a net worth of $4.3 billion.

Ivanka maintained that she was not involved in any of the financial statements being questioned in the case, stating that other people in the company had a more important role in those decisions.

“I would assume he would have personal financial statements for accountants, but those were not statements I was privy to,” she answered, per NBC News.

“As I sit here now, I am not involved in his personal financial statements.”

Ivanka did say that she had seen some financial statements but not taken action on any of them, adding that there were only “a few documents and correspondence that referenced financial statements, but that was not something I was involved in,” according to the Associated Press.

Following questioning from prosecutors, Ivanka was cross-examined by attorneys from Trump’s team.

Ivanka reiterated during the cross-examination that she had no involvement in any of the statements.

“None that I’m aware of,” she said to questions from defense attorney Jesus Suarez, as reported by NBC News.

Ivanka was initially listed as a defendant in the case along with her brothers Eric and Donald Trump Jr. and her father.

However, an appeals court ruled in June that she be dismissed as a defendant since the allegations against her were beyond the statute of limitations.

Prosecutors in the case are seeking over $250 million in damages alongside the removal of the  Trump organization’s license to transact business in New York, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

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