Frisco Banks on Music Scene To Boost Tourism

Ford Center in Frisco, Texas. | Image by Dorti/Shutterstock

In recent years, Frisco has become known for its many sports venues, but live music is gaining a foothold in the city, giving tourists one more reason to “stay all night, stay a little longer,” as the classic country song says.

In March, Governor Greg Abbott announced in a press release that Frisco had completed the certification process to be designated as a “Music Friendly Community” by the Texas Music Office. The designation, which was bestowed upon the city in a ceremony last month, serves as an endorsement of the city’s commitment to its music scene.

Seven steps must be completed to become a Music Friendly Community, including proving that music-focused nonprofits, like Frisco’s Melody of Hope, are working within the community.

According to Frisco City Council Member Tammy Meinershagen, a professional musician, the burgeoning music movement won’t overshadow Frisco’s thriving sports scene. Instead, Meinershagen anticipates the two will complement each other, helping grow the city’s tourism base, as Community Impact reported.

Tony Felker, president of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, believes the growing music scene could help attract more businesses and tourists to the city.

“Understand and think about how that’s impacted [people’s] business, whether it’s just new tourism groups coming into town, whether it’s extending a visit to Frisco from four hours to an overnight [stay, or] taking it from an overnight [stay] to a two-night or a three-night stay now,” Felker said, as reported by Community Impact.

Felker says longer stays mean hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, and other businesses will generate more revenue.

“I’d like to see this become the beginning of the renaissance era for Frisco,” said Meinershagen, per Community Impact.

Marla Roe, the executive director of Visit Frisco, suspects an evolving music scene could convince more tourists to visit the city and persuade more Frisco residents to stay local when choosing entertainment. According to Roe, a study conducted by Visit Frisco in 2019 found that one reason Frisco residents leave the city is to search out live entertainment.

The study concluded that people desired more breweries and live events. Following the survey, the city revised its ordinances to permit breweries and wineries.

Earlier this month, the Academy of Country Music Awards were held at the Ford Center in Frisco, drawing many big-name country music stars to the area.

Academy of Country Music CEO Damon Whiteside said Frisco was chosen to host the awards show because of its past ability to manage significant entertainment events.

“Not only was it a huge success, … but we saw, firsthand, how passionate Texas country music fans are,” Whiteside told Community Impact in an email.

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