Rae’s Hope and Their Mission

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Rae’s Hope specializes in providing the resources and community that girls need to succeed later in life. “Rae’s Hope is a community-based non-profit organization that offers a holistic youth development program for girls ages 5-18. Our program focuses on life skills training and sports in South Dallas and the surrounding areas,” states their website home page.

The Woman’s Sports Foundation says that “Girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play high school sports than boys have. Lack of physical education in schools and limited opportunities to play sports in both high school and college mean girls have to look elsewhere for sports—which may not exist or may cost more money. Often there is an additional lack of access to adequate playing facilities near their homes that makes it more difficult for girls to engage in sports.”

Rae’s Hope fills in the gaps by providing finical assistance to families of young girls unable to afford the extra cost. There are also free volleyball and cycling programs for any girl who wishes to take part.

Participation in these groups shows a statistically significant drop in the likelihood that a girl will get into fights, use drugs, or drop out of school or college later in life.

Bike riding training takes place once every week for three hours from August to October. There is also an annual Bike Ride Event every April when the weather and temperature are perfect for a ride.

The bike ride isn’t the only thing that the group hosts every year. They also provide the Winter Donation Drive and Technology Day. These events offer gifts and much-needed skills for girls to enter into computer science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

Technology Day lets girls learn all they need to know about computers and other forms of technology. This event increases their passion and ability in all things tech.

Awards are also handed out in a recognition ceremony that has demonstrated hard work and incredible skills from the participants.

The Winter Donation Drive has the goal of “[allowing] Rae’s Hope to give presents to girls whose parents are financially struggling and not able to provide during the holidays.”

There are many ways that you can help Rae’s Hope continue in its mission of providing Dallas girls with community support. If you wish to volunteer, there are multiple positions they need to fill. Fitness organizers, digital literacy instructors, reading mentors, life skill couches, and event organizers are all needed. If you are interested, you can apply online now. Monetary donations are also beneficial. 90% of all money donated goes directly to helping girls get free classes.

For more information, visit their website: raeshope.org

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