59 Arrested in Child Sexual Exploitation Bust

An image of a police car | Image by diegoparra/Pexels

Nearly 60 people are in custody after a month-long operation rescued children across North Texas who were victims of online sexual exploitation.

More than 80 criminal charges were filed against 59 offenders in Operation Janus, resulting in the rescue of 28 children, according to a news release.

The operation was conducted by The North Texas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and FBI Dallas Division’s Child Exploitation Task Force.

“Starting on January 16, 2023, and continuing through February 10, 2023, law enforcement agencies across North Texas brought together highly skilled computer crimes investigators to focus resources on the identification and rescue of children in our communities who fall prey to the darkness of online predators,” the release states.

“These investigators partnered together, dedicating their days and nights to seeking out child victims and apprehending abusers trafficking illegal images and videos of children forced into sexual acts.”

During the investigation, officers seized terabytes of data and multiple devices that were used in the crimes.

Evidence that comes from the seized devices and data could possibly lead to more investigations, according to the release.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia praised law enforcement for the actions taken to protect children and get suspects such as these off the streets of Dallas.

“The people charged as a result of this operation preyed on some of our most vulnerable, our children,” said Garcia in a statement.

“I applaud the dedication of these task force groups, including members of the Dallas Police Department, to bring these suspects to justice. We will never stop working to identify, locate, and apprehend these predators to make our community safer for our children.”

The operation was conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies.

FBI Dallas Acting Special Agent in Charge James J. Dwyer also addressed the operation and the need to protect children.

“The FBI is committed to doing everything in our power to protect the most innocent amongst us, our children. We’re able to achieve this through our law enforcement partnerships at the federal, state, and local level,” said Dwyer in the statement.

“We work together every day to identify and apprehend online predators targeting children. Operation Janus allowed us to collectively support each other by sharing resources and intelligence to catch predators in the act. It also allowed us to recover children and protect them from further harm,” Dwyer concluded.

Chief Ed Drain of the Plano Police Department said in a statement how he felt about the operation.

“The innocence of children must be protected at all costs. I am proud of the work we do to collectively bring to justice those who seek to harm our children through online means and for the rescue of these children from future abuse as we work to bring safety, healing, and justice to these victims and their families,” said Drain.

Dallas crime has seen a steady increase in sexual offenses, including rape, and sexual assault of a child continues to be a problem plaguing the city.

According to the Dallas Police Department’s daily crime brief, sexual offenses have seen about an eight percent increase.

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  1. Bill

    What the article fails to mention is that no children were involved in any of this outside of the ones in pornographic videos that the FBI in the Postal Inspector distribute freely in their attempt to snare vulnerable people. Believe it or not the largest Distributors of child pornography in the world are the United States Postal Service police and the FBI. They set up networks of distribution, invite people in, and then after they have fed those people a steady stream of filth for months they step in and arrest them. Albeit the people that they ensnare are quite creepy but it’s a chicken or the egg problem. Is the FBI causing the problem or are they responding to the problem? By the way, they’ve been doing this since the mid 1970s where they used to run ads in various pornographic magazines advertising “Little” pornographic movies.

  2. pat

    Excellent work, now let’s get these scum in prison. Castration should be mandatory plus long sentences if convicted. No more soft on crime. Or maybe we can just give them probation and an ankle monitor, that’s been working pretty well lately, NOT!

    • Bill

      We are not a third world country or live under Sharia law. We are civilized and we do not Chop off body parts as punishment for a crime.

  3. RiverKing

    But drag shows with children in attendance and sex ed for kindergarten kids are OK.

  4. Tom

    I bet the majority of the offenders were members of the GOP

    • JNW

      Really? Your profound bias and thoughtless is so typical of the left.

  5. Karen

    Protecting the children should also include the education system. Predators indoctrinating them into gender ideology cults.

  6. Lay Monk Jeffery

    Prosecute to the fullest! Get a DA that will actually do the job and make sure this stops! Children need protection and these children will need a lot of help. First step has been accomplished so the next step is to make sure these people “never” do it again!

    • Bill

      Dig deeper into the article and Google the case and you’ll find that there were no children involved. It was just a sting that was set up by the FBI and local police where they distributed child pornography to people and after feeding it to them for a couple of months then they went and arrested them.

  7. Anna

    I’d like to know where these children were rescued from! Were they in their homes on the Internet? My God these children are going to need therapy for a long time. 😢

    • Bill

      There were no children. Read deeper into the article and Google the individual cases and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


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