TxDPS Concludes Uvalde Shooting Investigation

Uvalde shooting
Director Steve McCraw confirmed that no other officers would face disciplinary actions after a hearing at the Capitol. | Image by WFAA

The Texas Department of Public Safety has concluded its investigation into the Uvalde School Shooting.

The TxDPS had terminated officer Juan Maldonado and is seeking to do the same with Ranger Christopher Kindell, according to WFAA.

State Trooper Crimson Elizondo resigned before the agency’s investigation into her was concluded.

DPS spokesperson Travis Considine told WFAA that the four remaining troopers had been cleared.

Director Steve McCraw confirmed that no other officers would be facing disciplinary actions after a hearing at the Capitol, according to the Texas Tribune.

An investigation into the shooting conducted by a Texas House of Representatives special committee faulted the 376 responding law enforcement officers, including those from the TxDPS, for the outcome of the massacre. Officers had reportedly waited over an hour to confront the shooter.

Former Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo defended his actions during the Robb Elementary School Shooting, saying that he prioritized saving students in other classrooms instead of confronting the shooter, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. This shooter, however, went on to take the lives of 19 students and two teachers.

“Once I realized that was going on, my first thought was that we need to vacate,” said Arredondo previously.  “We have him contained — and I know this is horrible, and I know it’s what our training tells us to do — but, we have him contained; there’s probably going to be some deceased in there, but we don’t need any more from out here,” he continued.

Arredondo was terminated in August 2022.

Governor Greg Abbott previously announced that the TxDPS would provide over 30 law enforcement officers to campuses throughout the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) in order to preserve security in August 2022.

The Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC)  also released a report of its use of random intruder detection audits to test the security of schools and found that inspectors who gained entry were not stopped or confronted in about 45% of cases, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. 

McCraw has thus far resisted calls for him to step down from his leadership, maintaining that his department had not failed during the crisis.

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  1. Jimmy Arnett

    “We’ve investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing”. McCraw and many others should resign.

  2. Bill

    Former Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo has proven he and many others were Cowards! That said, hats off the to the Courageous men and women that run to the fight while other flee. You’re the true hero’s.


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