Local Woman Fed up with Sex Seekers


Sign near Plano woman's porch | Image by NBC DFW

A 66-year-old North Texas woman says she is tired of men knocking on her door looking for sex workers.

Elaine White lives in a quiet Plano neighborhood, but she said she has been getting some unwanted surprise visitors since last year because online scammers are using her address to swindle men looking to pay for sex.

“How can a grown man go to a house in a neighborhood, thinking they’re gonna get sex?” she said to NBC 5. “As many hookers and prostitutes as there are, go get one. Leave me alone. I’m not here for that.”

As previously reported in The Dallas Express, two high-profile prostitution busts put the spotlight on greater North Dallas as a high-traffic area for sex-related criminal activity, especially Dallas City Councilman Omar Narvaez’s District 6 in northwest Dallas.

The vast majority of prostitution-related offenses in Dallas occurred in District 6 last year. However, city officials have seen an overall uptick in violations citywide since 2021, likely due to the city council’s inability to deal with Dallas’ wider crime problem.

Still, even in the suburbs of Plano, the repercussions of North Dallas vice can be felt by residents.

White said the scam has gotten her nothing but sleepless nights, and she has no idea why her address is being used.

“Police told me that there are traffic rings going around and my address may have been used out of the sky,” said White. “That it’s off of some sex website where nasty old men go and look for sex. They pay Venmo for the services, and then they get my address, and they come here.”

She installed a Ring camera, thinking it would discourage the men from coming to her door, but they did not seem to mind asking for sex on camera, according to NBC 5.

“Well, you know what? This is a bait house and you have 10 seconds to get away from it or the cops are gonna getcha. You better hurry,” White warned one man in a video she showed the news outlet.

She said that more than two dozen men of various ages and ethnicities have shown up at her doorstep at all hours since last year.

White made several reports to the Plano Police Department, but as far as she knows, none of the men who showed up at her door have been arrested.

The situation has prompted White to take greater precautions.

“Yes, I have my Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum loaded 4-inch barrel next to me and I answer the door with it,” she told NBC 5.

White said at least two of the men claimed they were given her address by “Thai Massage of North Dallas,” which both White and The Dallas Express found out did not exist.

The Dallas Express did reach out to My Thai Massage and Spa though, which is located in North Dallas. The owner stated they were unaware of any sex scam, much less affiliated with one.

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1 month ago

Seems to me that the police gave up an opportunity to arrest the Johns with a natural sting set up by the perpetrators of the fraud. It also means that the money would have been traceable had they made the arrests.
What a loss for society…..this scam will continue with other addresses.

1 month ago

Seems too many in society today have no morals, no self-control, nothing better to do and have pubic hair for brains.

Anna W.
Anna W.
Reply to  Pap
1 month ago

You are correct, act like DOGS 🐕 in heat!

1 month ago

What fool pays cash in advance and expects to receive any promised service much less an illegal one?

1 month ago

The proper police result would have been to watch her house from an unmarked car while waiting for johns to appear.