The Dallas Express has sent a reporter to Eagle Pass to cover the ongoing dispute between the state and federal government at the Texas-Mexico border.

Record-high numbers of people have been crossing into the country unlawfully in recent months, prompting the state to take multiple steps in an attempt to reduce the crossings.

Actions such as the use of concertina wire, a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, and the signing of a potential new border security law have led to legal battles between the two sides.

The most recent development in this legal battle comes as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to vacate an injunction preventing federal agents from cutting the concertina wire, leading Texas to install additional wire along the border.

Although the ruling vacates the injunction and allows federal agents to cut the wire, nothing in it specifically prohibits the state from installing additional countermeasures along the border.

Many Republican state officials have expressed their support for the Lone Star state’s effort in trying to secure the border, with 25 governors signing a joint statement about the conflict.

Texas also escalated the ongoing battle for control at the border when the Texas National Guard seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on January 12, claiming that the federal government chose to perpetuate unlawful crossings, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

While it remains unclear what actions will be taken by the federal government in response to the Texas National Guard’s presence in Shelby Park, reports indicate that the Biden administration notified the state about a Friday deadline to remove agents from the area, as previously reported by DX.

Check back here for video updates as the situation develops in Eagle Pass.

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