DPS Arrests Human Smuggler After Car Chase at Border

Texas DPS | Image by Michael Gonzalez for The Texas Tribune

A high-speed car chase along the border resulted in the apprehension of several unlawful migrants and the arrest of a North Texas man charged with human smuggling.

Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed in a social media post that “[a] multi-agency high-speed chase led to the arrest of a driver from Greenville, TX, for human smuggling in Kinney County.”

“[Texas DPS] & county authorities pursued a driver who reached speeds of 90mph + & nearly struck a school bus on US 90,” Olivarez continued. “DPS Air Ops provided aerial support as a trooper initiated a PIT maneuver, stopping the pursuit & arresting the driver.”

“Two illegal immigrants were apprehended,” Olivarez added, sharing a video of the chase and arrest.

Text displayed in the video further explained that the chase began in Kinney County after DPS pulled over a white truck. Occupants in the truck fled and attempted to hide in the brush.

A Greenville man identified as Oscar Osorio then allegedly sped off, leading law enforcement on a high-speed car chase.

“At one point during the pursuit, Osorio stopped and allowed three more occupants to bail out,” the text in the video notes. “Troopers successfully initiated a PIT maneuver, stopping the pursuit, and arrested Osorio.”

Osorio is facing criminal charges for allegedly evading arrest and “smuggling of persons.”

The incident followed another border county car chase that resulted in the arrest of a Mexican national for the murder of a 30-year law enforcement veteran, as reported by The Dallas Express.

The recent record levels of unlawful migration at the southern border have led to increased conflict between Texas officials and the administration of President Joe Biden.

Gov. Greg Abbott has directed the state to build its own border wall, deploy various deterrent measures, and bus unlawful migrants to so-called “sanctuary cities” across the country to relieve besieged border communities.

Abbott explained in a recent speech that some 2.4 million unlawful migrants entered the country in each of the last two years.

“That is completely unsustainable, and that’s exactly why Texas has taken measures that no state has ever taken in the history of the United States to try to do something to secure the border,” the governor said. “In doing so, we literally are at war with the White House, fighting to secure our own border.”

The State of Texas and key Biden administration officials have been embroiled in lawsuits over border policy. Texas alleged federal agents illegally destroyed property owned by the state by cutting its concertina wire and leaving gaps that hindered security efforts. The federal agents reportedly cut the deterrent to untangle unlawful migrants who had become trapped in the wires, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

The Biden administration also filed a lawsuit against Abbott earlier this year, seeking to prevent Texas from deploying buoys on the Rio Grande. However, a federal court of appeals has permitted the use of floating marine barriers to deter unlawful migration, and these barriers will continue to remain in place indefinitely, as reported by The Dallas Express.

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