Brewery To Host ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Show

drag show
Fort Worth Brewery Beer | Image by Fort Worth Brewery

A Fort Worth brewery plans to host a “family-friendly” drag show and brunch on Sunday from 1-3 p.m., but protesters are making other plans for the day. 

The event features performers who, in the past, have left little to the imagination, according to a recent article by Texas Scorecard

Fort Brewery & Pizza is hosting the April 23 event, which a restaurant representative described to The Dallas Express as a “family-friendly” show. 

“Accompanied minors are permitted with a parent — as we believe in parental choice,” said Aaron Hoernke, the restaurant’s marketing director, speaking with The Dallas Express.

“We are a brewery that sells pizza, wine, beer, and no hard liquor. The atmosphere is one that was designed to be enjoyed by all,” Hoernke added.

Unlike BuzzBrews Kitchen in Dallas, which is not involved in advertising the “family-friendly” drag shows it hosts, Fort Brewery has chosen to promote its drag brunch on its website.

“Welcome to the ultimate celebration of drag, brunch, and delicious drinks!” the ad reads. “Our talented drag performers will take the stage to entertain you with their fierce moves, incredible lip-syncing skills, and captivating personalities.”

While the ad does not specifically mention children or use the phrase “family-friendly” as employed by Hoernke, it does go on to say:

“This is the perfect event to celebrate a special occasion with your friends, family, or coworkers, or to simply indulge in a fun-filled day out with your loved ones.”

That wording drew the attention of Protect Texas Kids, an organization whose stated mission is “protect Texas kids from the harmful agenda of the left.” The group plans to protest the drag show for allowing children to attend.

“HERE WE GO AGAIN: Another “kid-friendly” drag show has decided to start marketing itself to families in Texas. Join us April 23, in Fort Worth,” PTK posted on Twitter.

PTK has previously protested at numerous drag shows that allow children to attend, including at BuzzBrews Kitchen in Dallas.

Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas lawmakers have been drafting laws that would make it illegal to host adult drag shows with minors present.

As reported by The Dallas Express, Rep. Nate Schatzline (R-Fort Worth) introduced HB 1266, a bill that would ban all-ages drag shows in Texas and amend business and commerce codes to classify venues that host drag shows as sexually oriented businesses.

Senate Bills 12 and 1601, which would respectively ban sexually oriented performances in the presence of minors and defund public libraries that host drag events for children, passed in the Senate early this month, as The Dallas Express reported.

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  1. Pap

    Unbelievable that everyone seems to want to expose children to vulgarity. Children shouldn’t be around a bunch of adults getting snockered anyway. Why can’t they put on a decent show that a lot more beer drinkers would go for? People are sick!

  2. Robert Egan

    Parent’s choice!!
    Let the parents choose if it is appropriate, not the government. As it should be. Let’s support businesses like this.
    If someone thinks drag shows “make you gay” they have no understanding of genetics.

    • Pap


  3. Jay

    This Brewery knows how to get it’s name in print. They know that some will come to the show just to watch the protest while swishing down a cold brew. I enjoy when liberals rawl up consevatives.

  4. Tim

    Where is the demand, want, or intense need for such obscure and bizarre behavior? All of a sudden being homosexual isn’t enough so being Trans or Frag is the newest craze? Why not help people in need first, second, and third. Your latest attempt to get notarity is to get get people who need counseling and have some severe imbalances in life, to draw people’s interest. Sad.

  5. Paul Hunter

    Thanks for this information. I now know that I’ll never buy their beer.

  6. Ben Orr

    If you don’t want your kid to go to this, DON’T GO! The right is all about free speech as long as it’s speech YOU AGREE WITH.

    Also, Dallas Express, why is this even news?!?

    • yarnball

      Please help me understand your position on this because I truly don’t. In my opinion, it is NOT about free speech. It is about appropriately protecting children from harm. To me, it is similar to when Playboy was wrapped in brown paper at the checkout because as a society we mostly agreed we did not want children exposed at an early age to that. Please help me understand why a parent would think this is a good experience for their child.

    • 13/80

      Well you see, it’s free speech to criticize “speech” you don’t agree with. It’s free speech to let the general public know about “speech” you disagree with. Last, it’s not speech to expose children to sexually explicit material and degeneracy. mUh fReE sPeEcH

  7. Deb Hanna

    There is no such thing as a “family friendly” drag show. This brewery will end up like the rest who support such nonsense. The news of this will get out to many.

  8. Edward H. Sebesta

    This report misleads your readers about multiple issues.


    Drag shows are just guys portraying singers and actresses trying to portay some idea of glamor.

    I have been to these events in Dallas, including the Elm and Pearl in downtown Dallas and it is working class people being something out of their ordinary lives for five minutes.

    It is some person portraying Catherine Hepburn and saying, “The Calla Lillies are in bloom again.”

    Sometimes the MC was rather ribald. They were supposed to be outrageous, and I can tell you they are the very opposite of cancel culture.

    I suppose a “family friend” drag show would be the MC tones down.

    The portayal of drag shows as some bacchanalia is false.

    Further, “family friendly” is policy through which the nomenklatura of the LGBTQ+ suppress the livelier aspects of the Gay community.

    For example, at Pride marches it was a common practice to throw out condemns to encourage safe sex, but the Houston Pride committee forbade the practice on the basis of making the Pride Parade “family friendly.”

    “Family friendly” isn’t a ruse made up for drag shows.


    Protect Texas Kids groups together and conflates serious issues, such as the very concerning practice of sex change surgery on teens, and puberty blockers, and the ludicrous practice of allowing men to compete as women upon claiming a female identity, with the issue of drag performances which are harmless.

    Though the LGBTQ+ nomenklatura might support blockers and surgeries, the vast majority of Lesbians and Gay men don’t, and also resent the repressive policies that suppress dissent from the opinions of the nomenklatura.

    No doubt there is some drag performance somewhere that is inappropriate for children, but to assume that all drag shows are the same makes no sense. It would be like assuming all movies are X-rated because one movie is X-rated.

    What the PTK does, is given credibility to the LGBT nomenklatura by attacking drag shows.


    Alternative media to the reigning ideologies of the day is good. However, reflexively reacting isn’t really an effective response. Promoting as credible those who are exploiting a reflexibe reaction isn’t effective in the long term.

    There is a lot of public resentment against the establishment. The everyday person struggles while elites prosper and engage in various narratives of social justice to obsure economic issues. There are elites which talk to the public in condescending ways.

    It would be useful for the Dallas Express to provide a path to the future in an informed discussion of issues. Enabling PTK isn’t doing that.

    Finally, though homosexuals are 3% of the population of adults, they have relatives, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews, they have friends and others who wish them well. When you total it up, it is likely well over 50% of the public. They are people, which I suggest that the “People’s Paper” consider.

    Conside being a peoples paper, consider being a gadfy, consider being an alternative news source, but enabling PTK is to end up, to quote Lionel Trilling, a paper which consists of “irritable mental gestures.”



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