Cowboys Open to Zeke Return

Ezekiel Elliott (21) | Image by April Visuals/Shutterstock

The Dallas Cowboys released running back Ezekiel Elliott two weeks ago in a financial move after seven years with the team, and some now admit the decision was difficult.

While speaking with the NFL Network on Monday, head coach Mike McCarthy addressed the situation and whether a return to Dallas was possible.

“You know, no one felt good about that,” the coach told the network. “I mean, Zeke has such a bright light to him too. He’s a great teammate. There’s so much love for him in the building, but you get to these spots, you know, the longer you’re in this league, these are tough decisions. Very difficult decisions.”

“I think you always keep the door open,” he later added when asked about a potential reunion. “Absolutely.”

Owner Jerry Jones echoed that sentiment while speaking at the owners’ meetings in Phoenix this week.

“It was all about making the adjustment principally because of the cap because of where we were,” Jones explained. “Love to have him but again, with what we need to do to make our cap work and what we can do to really, in our mind, improve through scheme or another player, that was worth us saving that money on the cap.”

Last week, a list of teams Elliott wants to play for emerged, which included the New York Jets, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The report also indicated that he would decide by the end of this week.

However, according to Pro Football Talk, the interest between Elliott and those three teams is not mutual.


The NFL is holding its annual league meetings in Phoenix this week, and the owners have approved a proposal that will let players wear the number zero. The Philadelphia Eagles suggested the change, and now anyone who is not a lineman can choose it as his jersey number. College football recently made a similar change and saw many players switch to the number.

Shortly after the news broke, Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons tweeted he wants to switch his number.

It has been revealed that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson requested a trade on March 2 after failing to reach a long-term agreement with the team. Jackson is currently under the “non-exclusive” franchise tag, meaning he can negotiate with other teams.

Two potential ownership groups have submitted $6 billion bids to buy the Washington Commanders.

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  1. Anna W.

    Let Zeke go, Dez Bryant will always be in his ear. The team’s who mention Zeke know this guy likes too party. Play Ball because you have vacation for 2 or more months.

    You made a ton of money, stop giving it to the Strip Clubs or so called Gentleman Clubs. If rappers and athletes would stop paying thousands, these places would be out of business. This is not where you find a wife. This is where you find a Gold Digger.


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