Though the season’s first game ended in a loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Dallas Cowboys finished strong. Losing by only three points within the final two minutes of the game, the Cowboys fans were given hope for following weeks. Taking the momentum developed from game one of the season, they went up against the Los Angeles Chargers and saw victory, finishing the game to 20 – 17.

In weeks three and four, the Cowboys faced the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers. They were victorious in both games, winning with a scoring difference of as much as twenty points. In week five, they played rival team New York Giants, with a decisive victory, winning 44 – 20. Week six saw the Cowboys playing against the New England Patriots, defeating them 35 – 29 in overtime.

With the Cowboys going into their bye week with this winning streak, NFL analyses believe that with the many obstacles and changes to the team, they have proven to be in the Superbowl conversation. The season so far has seen rookie of the year candidate Micah Parsons, their first-round draft pick, added to the defense; he has demonstrated good speed and special pass rush ability.

They released Jalen Smith after unsuccessfully attempting to cut him. The Cowboys also currently have a fair share of injuries from many players including starters, Dak Prescott (calf), Trevon Diggs (ankle), Ezekiel Elliott (ribs), Amari Cooper (ankle and hamstring), and Damontae Kazee (ankle).

It was also reported by the Dallas Express earlier this week, starting safety Damontae Kazee was arrested around 3 a.m. on Tuesday in The Colony. The police pulled Kazee over for a traffic violation and arrested him for driving while under the influence. The Colony police reported that the officer noticed the physical signs of drinking and was told by Kazee that he had been drinking.

He posted a $2,500 bond and was released from the Colony Municipal Jail at 12:34 p.m. The Cowboys have made no comments regarding the incident and have made it clear that they are focused on football as they take their two weeks to recover and prepare for the Minnesota Vikings.

The Cowboys face off with the Minnesota Vikings in week eight and look to keep the streak going. All teams face different challenges but what matters is how they overcome them. So far, the Dallas Cowboys have been keeping their heads high, showing promise for the future and bringing home wins. In week eight of the season, DFW looks forward to seeing their home team keep the winning streak alive.