Local Artist Captures North Texas Beauty

Dad, the chicks and Mom
Dad, the chicks and Mom at White Rock Lake | Image by Adam Velte Photography/Facebook

Local award-winning photographer Adam Velte is passionate about photographing White Rock Lake and its wildlife.

The self-taught photographer manages Green Spot, a convenience store and gas station at White Rock Center in Dallas. Many of Velte’s photographs can be found adorning the store’s walls, according to the Lakewood-East Dallas Advocate.

Velte has received three awards for his photography from the Business Council for the Arts in Dallas, according to his website. He has dedicated his craft to photographing “beautiful moments” of nature and sharing those images for use in homes and offices.

“I often hear my photos remind people of paintings or have the power to induce feelings that soothe and calm stress,” says Velte on his website.

“In fact, that is how this whole journey took on a life of its own for me. Daily walks at White Rock Lake were just what I needed to recenter myself, and now, through my images, I can share a bit of what I see with you.”

Velte shifted away from photography toward music when he was younger. However, he later returned to the craft in 2015.

“My dad had been carrying around my old artwork from elementary school for decades,” said Velte, per the Lakewood-East Dallas Advocate. “I thought they were trashed years ago. He brought them home to me, and I was really touched by that sentimental act. I framed it all and put it on my walls at home.”

Velte currently uses a Fujifilm X-T3, a high-end mirrorless digital camera, but used his phone at the beginning of his career, describing his iPhone as a camera with a phone attached to it.

“I was really enjoying this technology that’s so convenient. The more shots you take, the more you can learn composition and what you’re doing right or wrong,” said Velte, according to the Lakewood-East Dallas Advocate. “I had a lot of practice with this thing before I picked up an actual digital camera.”

Velte has an online shop featuring various full-size prints and smaller versions of his photographs on tote bags, throw pillows, puzzle boards, and more.

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