‘Draining the Austin Swamp’: Pierson for TX House

Katrina Pierson | Image by Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson is a prominent Rockwall-based communications and political consultant running for Texas House District 33.

Pierson has a long track record in Republican politics tracing back to a viral speech she gave to the Dallas Tea Party in 2009, just a few years after graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas. After receiving national recognition for her speech, she built a media brand by making frequent appearances on media outlets like Fox News and Newsmax.

Pierson leveraged her brand by becoming candidate Donald Trump’s national spokesperson during the 2016 presidential campaign. She would reprise a similar role in Trump’s 2020 campaign by leading Trump’s national coalition program, which resulted in record-breaking shares of minority voters supporting the GOP nominee.

She maintains a following of nearly 700,000 on X and 92,000 on Facebook while utilizing Trump-style slogans such as “draining the Austin swamp” and “Texas First.”

Aside from Trump-style rhetoric, Pierson’s campaign is focusing on a set of traditional Republican positions. Her campaign website says she aims to secure the border, defend gun rights, and empower parents, among other Republican talking points.

Her priorities have no doubt been shaped by the voting record of her Republican primary opponent. HD 33’s incumbent Rep. Justin Holland has battled with statewide Republican leaders like Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick over his vote to stop the governor’s school choice legislation.

Pierson recently attacked Holland’s legislative record in a campaign video. After ticking off a list of things Holland has done against Republican interests, Pierson says, “Holland should just make it official and join the Democrat Party. He’s already doing their bidding.”

She has received a slew of key endorsements from Republican officials, including Attorney General Ken Paxton, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and gun-rights organization Gun Owners of America.

Pierson’s time in politics has not been without controversy. As a January 6 protest organizer, she was hit with a subpoena in September 2021 from the House Select Committee. Ultimately, no allegations of criminal wrongdoing were levied against her.

Pierson will face off against Holland, as well as GOP primary challenger Dennis London.

Holland will be a difficult target to unseat as he has performed well in recent primaries. Holland defeated Dennis London in 2022 by nearly 44 points and has not faced a serious electoral challenge since edging out Rep. John Keating in a 2016 primary runoff election.

Still, Pierson’s national brand gives her a fighting chance to secure the GOP nomination and cruise to victory in a general election without significant left-wing opposition.

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