Former FBI Agent Sentenced for Bribery


FBI jacket | Image by Dzelat

Former FBI agent Babak Broumand appeared in federal court on Monday and was handed a six-year sentence in federal prison. 

Broumand, who spent over two decades working at the FBI’s field office in San Francisco, was convicted of accepting $150,000 in bribes and other valuable items, the Justice Department said in a press release.

In exchange, Broumand reportedly fed sensitive law enforcement information to an attorney, Edgar Sargsyan, who is allegedly linked to Armenian organized crime, per the Los Angeles Times. 

The sentencing comes at a time when the FBI has come under fire for various allegations of misconduct, ranging from buried treasure cover-ups to targeting “radical-traditionalist Catholics.” 

“Mr. Broumand took an oath of office, swearing to defend the laws of the United States and to uphold the high standards of the FBI. He violated this solemn promise and now he will face the consequences of his choice,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada in the press release.

“Not only did this one-time special agent put his self-interest above all else, but he also did so while providing support to other criminals who compromise public safety. I am grateful for our hard-working law enforcement partners, including the FBI, who worked to uncover this misconduct and brought this corrupt agent to justice,” Estrada continued.

The DOJ claimed that, from January 2015 to December 2018, Broumand accepted cash, checks, flights on private jets, a Ducati motorcycle, escorts, meals, and other items from Sargsyan. 

In return, Broumand allegedly conducted law enforcement database inquiries and used them to help Sargsyan avoid prosecution and monitoring from law enforcement.

He is also accused of telling the lawyer to “stay away” from letting him know if individuals were under investigation. 

Broumand then supposedly wrote false reports regarding his database inquiries and claimed Sargsyan was working as an FBI source. 

“So Broumand basically sold his access to confidential federal law enforcement databases. That’s what he did. And in exchange he received a lot of benefits and a lot of things of value,” said Ruth Pinkel, a former federal prosecutor, according to ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Sargsyan eventually became an informant and testified against Broumand, saying he paid him $10,000 per month, ABC 7 reported.

According to the press release, Broumand’s trial ran for 11 days in October 2022. While he was acquitted on two counts of bribery and money laundering, a federal jury found him guilty of other charges, including one count of conspiracy, two counts of bribery of a public official, and one count of monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity.

After his sentencing, Broumand apologized in court for accepting the “gifts” but maintained that he considered Sargsyan a friend and was unaware of his ties to organized crime, according to the LA Times. 

Speaking of his time at the FBI, Broumand said, “I was able to save countless lives, your honor, and I was basically able to change the course of history to the benefit of the United States,” per the LA Times. 

“Good people sometimes do bad things,” Steven Gruel, Broumand’s defense attorney, told ABC 7. “When you think about it — he was living a life of international intrigue, so to speak, on behalf of the U.S. I guess it’s not too far-fetched to think you might lose yourself along the way.”

Zachary Shroyer, DOJ special agent in charge of the LA Office of the Inspector General, said in the press release that “Broumand conspired with the very types of criminals he was trusted to investigate.”

Shroyer said he hopes Broumand’s sentencing will “send a clear message that no one is above the law.”

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Lay Monk Jeffery
Lay Monk Jeffery
29 days ago

You know, they should really consider cleaning house. The FBI has done more for the bad than the good here lately.
I am all for law enforcement and support it 100%. But there is a problem and it needs fixing. If they can not fix it then dissolve it. So this bad agent will go to a country club for a few years then get out and do freelance work and live happily ever after. His sentence is nothing but a slap on the wrist for the crimes he committed. They would give a harder sentence to a kid for having a wacky tobacco cigarette! Again, I support the legal system, back the blue, military, and all legal entities that serve and protect the great people and this great nation but this is just soft on crime. The bad guy flips and then sells out the agent, the agent gets time in a country club, what about the sell-out? He gets a new identity and a new life.
As for the agent, did they seize all of his assets and belongings, will the Ducati go to action along with everything else? This guy is an enemy and a threat to our system and he gets to go to a country club for a short time, WoW. Like they say, if you are going to commit a crime make it federal.

Didn’t Hollywood make many a movies like this?

Reply to  Lay Monk Jeffery
29 days ago

There ought to be a universal legal provision that would double the sentence when a public “servant” or commissioned officer in any branch of the military is found guilty.

29 days ago

When is Biden going to be charged with not defending the laws of the United States? He also took an oath.

Reply to  Pap
29 days ago

Trump hasn’t been charged for “not defending the laws of the United States” and in my opinion, TREASON, and he “also took an oath”.

Russ Sage
Russ Sage
Reply to  Janet
28 days ago

If there’s any President that followed the Constitution and followed the laws it was Trump. Democrats think they’re above the law and can pick and choose which laws they like or don’t like.