Biden Authorizes New Eagle Pass Crossing

Texas National Guard at Southern Border | Image by Greg Abbott/Facebook
Texas National Guard at Southern Border | Image by Greg Abbott/Facebook

President Joe Biden has recently granted permission for the construction and management of a new border crossing facility near Eagle Pass, Texas.

According to a statement from the president, this new development, known as the Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge, will facilitate vehicular and pedestrian traffic between the United States and Mexico, aiming to bring new opportunities for trade and connectivity to the region.

The permit for the facility, issued to Maverick County, followed a long application process initiated on October 17, 2023, that was finally deemed complete on February 5 of this year. The new proposed border facilities, including the bridge, will be situated approximately two miles north of Eagle Pass Bridge I, near the northwest edge of the city.

Under the terms of the permit, Maverick County is obligated to adhere to several conditions to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the border crossing site. These standards include compliance with all federal laws and regulations, mitigation of environmental effects, and maintenance of the facilities, per the statement.

Before breaking ground on the new bridge, Maverick County must fulfill several more requirements, including obtaining approval from other relevant local agencies and providing plans for staffing, operations maintenance, and funding for the facilities.

Furthermore, the permit outlines provisions for ongoing communication and reporting between Maverick County and the federal authorities regarding the status and operation of the border facilities. The permit also stipulates that any substantial facility or operation changes must receive presidential approval.

Eagle Pass made headlines last week when Gov. Greg Abbott unveiled Texas’ latest “Forward Operating Base” in the border city. As previously reported by The Dallas Express, the facility sits on 80 acres and is designed to accommodate and support Texas National Guard soldiers deployed for border security duties.

Abbott recently toured the facility and greeted the influx of 300 soldiers settling into their new accommodations.

In a press briefing, he evoked the base’s significant role in enhancing the state’s border security efforts, particularly amidst the persistent challenges posed by the Biden administration’s border policies, which have coincided with record-breaking numbers of illegal alien crossings.

For perspective, according to a report by the House Judiciary Committee, since January 20, 2021, out of the estimated 3.3 million illegal aliens released into the United States, the Biden administration has only managed to initiate immigration court removal proceedings against approximately 0.3% of the cases.

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