Abbott Unveils New Texas Border Base

Texas’ new Forward Operating Base
Texas’ new Forward Operating Base | Image by Greg Abbott/Facebook

Gov. Greg Abbott inaugurated Texas’ newest “Forward Operating Base” last week in Eagle Pass, which will provide housing and services for Texas National Guard soldiers patrolling the southern border.

Abbott and key military officials toured the facility and welcomed the first 300 soldiers to their new quarters. During a press conference, Abbott spoke about the pivotal role the base will play in bolstering the state’s border security measures, particularly in light of the ongoing challenges stemming from the Biden administration’s border policies.

“… [T]his base camp will provide the type of housing and standards of living that both improve the quality of life for the men and women in uniform securing our border and allow Texas to have a permanent presence on the southern border. About 300 soldiers are moving in today, and more will arrive here soon. Texas will not stop until we gain full operational control of the border,” said Abbott.

The base camp, situated on 80 acres of land acquired by the Texas Military Department, boasts a host of amenities to ensure the well-being and effectiveness of deployed personnel. From a 700-seat dining hall to individual living quarters and medical, laundry, and recreational facilities, the new base is currently equipped to accommodate up to 1,800 soldiers, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

“Texas has decreased illegal crossings in Texas while it has increased in other states. As we see less and less traffic in certain sectors, it is important that we adjust where our border security efforts are taking place. Having this base camp here will help us respond to this ever-changing crisis,” said Texas Border Czar Mike Banks.

The base, strategically located in Eagle Pass, is poised to serve as a central hub for Texas National Guard operations along the southern border. Maj. Gen. Thomas Suelzer, adjutant general of Texas, spoke on the value of the new base camp in enhancing efficiency and optimizing resources.

“What we see here today is the completion of phase one of six phases for this base camp. … We will be moving in soldiers who are dispersed in hotels across the region. Once this base camp is fully occupied, we will save critical taxpayer dollars each month on housing soldiers,” said Suelzer.

The new base is part of Abbott’s continued efforts to maintain security at the southern border and stem the influx of illegal alien crossings.

Operation Lone Star (OLS), a collaborative mission between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Military Department to secure the border, has resulted in over 512,300 apprehensions of illegal aliens and more than 43,400 criminal arrests, including over 38,200 felony charges, according to Abbott’s office.

Additionally, since the initial launch of OLS, Texas law enforcement has seized over 487 million doses of fentanyl.

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