Tucker Carlson Hits Up Cowtown

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson | Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

FORT WORTH — Tucker Carlson came to Fort Worth on Sunday for a Tarrant County Republican Party fundraiser, which drew a crowd of roughly 1,000 people.

Several local Republican leaders spoke at the event, including Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare, Tarrant County Republican Party Chair Bo French, and Rep. Nate Schatzline (R-Fort Worth).

“In Tarrant County, we cut the budget by 8 million dollars one year to the next, we passed tax rates below the no new revenue,” O’Hare said. “We eliminated everything woke we could find in Tarrant County. They required employees to do mandatory unconscious bias training. Out!”

“Tarrant County is where the battle for this nation lies,” O’Hare continued. “Tarrant is solid red, solid Republican. It’s going to stay that way forever.”

Waybourn said, “The way of Tarrant County will be the way of Texas, the way of Texas, the way of America.”

French introduced Carlson, who spoke about social issues affecting the state and the country, such as the ongoing unlawful migration crisis at the southern border and the impact it is having on the country.

Carlson criticized Gov. Greg Abbott for not doing enough to secure the border.

“I don’t understand how you can be governor of the state in 2020, and all of a sudden, the border opens up, and you get invaded, and you don’t do any better,” Carlson said at the event. “And allowing millions of people to invade your state is like having home invaders show up at your house and run out the back door.”

Carlson also stressed the importance of the family and talked about how he believes that current national leaders are seemingly hostile to traditional notions of family and prosperity.

“What they are promising you is death. What they are promising you is no grandchildren, which is literally death. Your line dies,” he said.

“You want to know if you are prosperous, you want to know if you are in God’s favor,  how many kids do you have? How many grandkids do you have? How are they doing? That is the oldest and most basic, and will always be the most basic, measure of prosperity,” Carlson continued.

He also criticized former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley for her support of spending taxpayer money on aid to foreign countries while the southern border remains beset by record-high levels of unlawful migration.

“How can you spend one second worrying about Taiwan or Gaza or Ukraine … while we are being invaded right now?” he said.

When French asked if Carlson would be interested in being vice president under former President Donald Trump, Carlson responded, “Can you imagine? Literally, I can’t be quiet. I’ve never read a script before.”

French asks Carlson what his advice to Republicans locally and nationally would be for the upcoming November election.

“I would focus on the things that matter and mean it and say it without embarrassment,” he said.

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