Triple-Digit Heat To Return Over Holiday Weekend

Thermometer displaying a hot temperature
Thermometer displaying a hot temperature | Image by Ed Connor/Shutterstock

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth forecasted that triple-digit temperatures are coming back to the metroplex in time for Labor Day.

An elevated risk of grass fires will accompany such high temperatures.

This past week, North Texas enjoyed a slight reprieve from the oppressively hot weather. Daytime temperatures across the metroplex were predicted to remain in the mid to high 90s, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

However, these temperatures are expected to slowly rise at the onset of the holiday weekend.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Fort Worth expects temperatures will stay in the high 90s throughout the day on August 31 and into September 1. However, counties to the west of the metroplex could see temperatures reach as high as 100 degrees.

Meteorologist Monique Sellers of the NWS in Fort Worth told The Dallas Express that temperatures are still above normal but are getting closer to seasonal averages.

“We do start to see things kind of come down. It’s still above average, but just not quite as outrageously above where we were before,” said Sellers.

Such temperatures, combined with dry vegetation and low humidity, will also create an elevated fire threat as drought conditions continue.

Sellers said these conditions will remain until Sunday, September 2, as temperatures “waver” between 99 and 100 degrees.

“The current forecast for Sunday is 101. Until then, we’ll be sitting around that 98 to 99 mark for the next couple of days here in the metroplex, and then next week it looks like we’ll be still sitting around that 100-degree mark,” Sellers told The Dallas Express.

Sellers said that chances of rain in the metroplex for the remainder of the week are “bleak,” although East Texas counties might see isolated showers and thunderstorms.

“Rain chances will start to return to the region as of Sunday, but it looks like it will stay in East Texas. Initially, going through the forecast now, it doesn’t look like we will have our chance for rain until maybe Wednesday right now,” said Sellers.

Residents are advised to continue practicing heat safety if they plan to spend an extended amount of time outside.

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