A Plano Police Department officer put in his papers after more than two decades spent in service to his community, and his colleagues and neighbors are celebrating his career.

Being a cop demands immense sacrifices, including risking one’s life, enduring physical and mental stress, and missing precious family moments. After decades of service, retirement offers a well-deserved respite, providing time to reconnect with loved ones and enjoy a peaceful, fulfilling life beyond the constant demands of duty.

Still, in Dallas proper, the local police department has been struggling with a serious staffing shortage, which has resulted in only 3,000 officers on the street despite a prior City analysis advising that roughly 4,000 are necessary for a jurisdiction the size of Dallas.

Here is some of what Hoodline reported on the Plano officer’s retirement:

After nearly three decades of service, Police Officer Bart Bruton has officially entered retirement.

The Plano Police Department took to social media last Saturday to honor this stalwart member of their force, celebrating his 28-year career in law enforcement that commenced in 1994. Officer Bruton, heralded for his contributions, spent the majority of his tenure in the traffic unit since December of 2000, only to conclude his journey on patrol.

The farewell was marked by Chief Drain, who presented Retired Officer Bruton with a shadow box—a token of appreciation and a symbol of a career composed of unwavering dedication.

According to the Plano Police Department, Officer Bruton’s career began at the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and moved through the Whitesboro Police Department before finding a lasting home at the Plano Police Department in 1996. His dedication to maintaining safe streets and a steadfast presence in the community were evident as he received multiple awards including four Chiefs Unit awards and the Civic Achievement Award.