Allen Shooting Survivor: The Road to Recovery

Irvin Walker II | Image by Josh Carter/The Dallas Express

Irvin Walker, 46, has recounted his tale of recovery after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds during the Allen Premium Outlets shooting. Walker was released from the hospital in the weeks following the deadly shooting.

On May 6, a heavily armed former security guard entered Allen Premium Outlets and opened fire on multiple shoppers in the area. A law enforcement officer, who happened to be on a nearby call, was able to neutralize the shooter only minutes after the attack began, but not before eight people, including three children, were killed and seven others wounded, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Walker, who was critically wounded as he attempted to exit his vehicle, had to undergo multiple surgeries to remove bullets and shrapnel from his body.

He was later released from the hospital but was expected to continue to need rehabilitation.

Walker has since spoken of his recovery after his release. He told NBC DFW that he is still experiencing effects from both his wounds and the surgeries conducted to remedy them.

“I have awkward times sleeping, resting on my back when I turn. When the medicine wears off, I feel certain sensations in my chest, my neck,” said Walker, according to NBC DFW.

“So, you know some days I’m good, and some days I’m not. I’m just looking forward to the day that I can sleep a whole night straight through. That would be a blessing,” he continued.

Walker is now devoting his efforts to recovering mentally and physically from the event and credited those who have supported him, including friends, family, and others. He has chosen to avoid viewing the news and does not want to learn the identity of the man responsible for the tragedy.

“I know I have to work towards a sound mind, I need a healthy mind and I’m working on that I’m going through some trauma counseling to manage that process of healing,” said Walker, according to NBC DFW.

Walker said that he is aware that his medical expenses will likely be high and expressed his gratitude for surviving the tragedy.

“It’s one thing to be grateful, it’s another thing to do something with it. Right? You know, you have another chance what are you going to do the same old things,” said Walker. “No, you have to be prompted to embrace change,” he continued.

The GoFundMe set up to support Walker and his family is still active and is just under $20,000 away from reaching its goal.

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