Hospital Discharges Allen Shooting Survivor

Photo of the damage to Walker's car. | Image by Irvin Walker

A surviving victim of the shooting at Allen Premium Outlets is well on the way to recovery.

Irvin Walker, 46, has been released from the hospital after sustaining multiple shots in the mass shooting.

On May 6, a heavily armed shooter entered the Allen Premium Outlets and opened fire on random shoppers in the area. Local law enforcement was able to shoot and kill the assailant minutes after the assault began. However, the shooter had already killed eight people, including three children, while wounding seven others, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. 

The shooter had opened fire on Walker while he was still in his vehicle. Walker sustained wounds to his arm, chest, and face.

He was the first to arrive at Medical City McKinney and had to undergo surgery to remove shrapnel from his body, some of which was dangerously close to his heart, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

Walker has since undergone multiple surgeries to remove the shrapnel fragments from his body.

Daryl K. Washington, Walker’s attorney, released images of Walker’s vehicle after the event. The photos showed a blown-out backseat passenger window as well as 15 gunshot holes in the front windshield, most of which appear to have entered from the passenger side, NBC DFW reported.

One of the bullets appeared to have entered the car dangerously near where Walker’s head would have been.

“When you see the shots to the windshield you’re going to wonder, ‘How he’s even sitting here today?’” Washington said, according to NBC.

Walker acknowledged his miraculous survival at a recent press conference, saying, “The power of God showed up brightly to help get me through this process.”

Walker said that he had been able to run away from his vehicle and, in the process, had encountered 20-year-old Christian LaCour, a security guard who died escorting other citizens to safety. LaCour has been hailed as a hero.

Though he has been released from the hospital, Walker is expected to require rehabilitation.

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