Where Can You Get Spooked This Year?

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There are many haunted houses in the Dallas area to choose from during this 2021 Halloween season. Some of the attractions have true background stories, while others create fictional stories to entertain their customers. Here is a look at what Dallas has to offer this year.

The Dark Hour Haunted House:

The Dark Hour Haunted House is located at 701 Taylor Drive in Plano and has been in business since 2013. There are two attractions, Annabelle Noire’s Asylum and The Coven Manor, in this year’s theme, The Coven Awakens. Their website states, “Experience Dark Hour in its scariest form… the 13 coven witches together in one terrifying nightmare.”

 Annabelle Noire’s Asylum is set up in a house with tunnels and hallways to walk through. According to their website, one terrifying witch is deemed the “demon whisperer,” and other creepy characters are filling the house. This witch has possession abilities and tragically traps unfortunate souls within the home. The souls are constantly listening to the whispers of the demonic witch, causing them to thrash around frantically.

In the second attraction at the Dark Hour Haunted House, The Coven Manor, thirteen witches use their ill-intended forces to combine their powers to awaken other evil spirits that have been long gone from this world. Not only will you witness these witches in their gruesome glory, but screaming innocent human souls can be heard.

Dark Hour also has a “VIP Experience” that offers a view from behind-the-scenes, snacks and beverages in the VIP lounge, an opportunity to stand within “scare stations” to practice screaming at other customers who are walking through, and a “skip the lines” pass.

Hauntworld stated, “This Halloween, you can’t miss the scariest and best-haunted attraction in the entire state of Texas, Dark Hour Haunted House.”

For more information on ticket prices, backstage tours, dates, and hours, visit their website at darkhourhauntedhouse.com.

Moxley Manor Haunted Attraction:

Moxley Manor Haunted Attraction is located at 510 Harwood Road in Bedford. It has three haunted houses for one price, Moxley Manor, Regan’s Revenge, and Big Top Terror. This attraction is based on the true story of Charles, Grace, and their son William Moxley from the early 1920’s. Moxley Manor is not located at the actual Moxley mansion.

According to the website of this attraction, in the 1920’s, news about the Moxley’s was spread around by the town’s people by saying it was a case of “murder, jealousy, and deception.”

In 1920, the Moxley family bought a mansion in Dallas by inheriting money due to the death of Charles’ parents. Charles became ill, and his wife, Grace, ordered a housemaid to care for him with knowledge in nursing. Grace then noticed the bond this housemaid and Charles had formed and confronted the maid, starting an argument. Grace drove away from the mansion, and the other housemaids never heard her come home that night.

The following day, Grace was face down in the living room with a slashed throat. Months later, Charles and his nursing housemaid, Lillian, were married. Within their first year of marriage, William was found dead in his bed by blunt force. Then, on November 26th, 1922, Charles was found dead in his bed from a bullet wound to the back of his head. It looked as though the scene was a staged suicide where “local authorities charged Lillian with murder.”

Lillian quickly vanished without a trace, and according to North Texas Daily, Lillian “has never been found.”

Dallas Observer mentioned the Moxley Manor Haunted Attraction in 2019 stating, “The creative group behind the long-running indoor haunted house go through great pains to make the experience different every year.”

For more information on ticket prices, dates, and hours, visit their website at www.moxleymanor.com.

Cutting Edge Haunted House:

Cutting Edge Haunted House is located in a two-story meat packing plant at 1701 East Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth. The plant was abandoned over one hundred years ago.

According to their website, the attraction is filled with butchered corpses. The corpses are attached to a system that moves the fake bodies around. The actors of Cutting Edge Haunted House start their customers’ night off in the parking lot.

Haunt world mentions that a haunted house set designer of the meatpacking plant, stated, “I’ve seen something over there… you can laugh if you want, but there is something over there in that part [that] haunts the building, and I will not go over there alone.”

For more information on ticket prices, dates, and hours, visit their website at www.cuttingedgehauntedhouse.com.

Hangman’s House of Horrors:

Hangman’s House of Horrors is located at a military base in Fort Worth at 4400 Blue Mound Road. According to their website, “Fort Worth’s original haunted house” has three different attractions for one price. Hangman’s House of Horrors is the main attraction, Beauty of Horror is an “interactive art exhibit,” and Outbreak is full of zombies.

The military base where this attraction is located is over one hundred years old and was used as a production plant for helium in the early 1910s. The haunted house website states that people believe something more went on at this base due to information on “Helium Production Plant No. 1” being labeled as classified.

Multiple reviews from different people of Hangman’s House of Horrors are on Womply. One of the reviews states, “This place was a blast when I was a kid.” On Womply, it is also mentioned that the “layout is beyond impressive.”

For more information on ticket prices, dates, and hours, visit www.hangmans.com.

The Dallas area is filled with many haunted attractions for the haunting season of 2021. For a complete list of all the haunted houses, visit www.familyeguide.com.

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