VIDEO: Dr Pepper Reveals New Spicy ‘Hot Take’

Dr Pepper Hot Take
Dr Pepper Hot Take | Image by Keurig Dr Pepper, Inc.

A Texas soda brand is spicing things up with a hot new take on its signature flavor.

Dr Pepper announced last week that it had concocted a new fiery version of its beloved beverage, dialing it up with spicy peppers.

“Every year, we celebrate college football fandom, and the new flavor is a ‘hot take’ on the well-loved tradition of sport and spice,” explained John Alvarado, senior vice president of Dr Pepper brand marketing, in a press release.

Getting a taste of this spiced-up soda might be a challenge, however.

Hot Take is exclusive to Pepper Perks members who have racked up 3,000 points by purchasing Dr Pepper products. This means buying 100 24-can packs of Dr Pepper or 300 2-liter bottles of Dr Pepper. Otherwise, Pepper Perks members can try and win on the daily virtual scratch-off ticket.

Two cans of Hot Take and a set of four tasting glasses are included in every limited-edition tasting kit.

This isn’t the first time Dr Pepper has released some new renditions of its tongue-tingling drink. For instance, its strawberries and cream soda blend appeared on the shelves of supermarkets this year, delighting customers with its fruity spin. It even inspired some people to write poems and songs about the new flavor.


New Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream is poetically delicious.

♬ original sound – Dr Pepper


So, how hot is the new limited-time flavor? Social media posts of users testing it out give us some indication of Hot Take’s heat level.


Dr Pepper® Hot Take, available exclusively to Pepper Perks members beginning November 8th. Dr Pepper® Hot Take is a fiery turn on the original 23 flavors, harnessing the bold flavors of spicy peppers and honoring the sport and all of the hot takes that come with college football fandom. @Dr Pepper

♬ original sound – FirstFinds

The heat appears to sneak up on people, so testers beware!

Overall, the reviews appear favorable among those with tastebuds that crave spice.

“My first sip reminded me of a jalapeno margarita, one of my favorite spicy drinks,” wrote one reviewer, Gael Fashingbauer Cooper from Taste of Home.

“Add in the peppery bite, and it’s a hot delight for those of us who love spice,” she added, recommending that anyone trying the drink take small sips.

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