Top Haunted Spots in North Texas

White Rock Lake | Image by Tim Drake Photography LLC

North Texas offers a spooky experience well beyond the festivities planned this Halloween.

Several locations were recently named the region’s most eerie by Local Profile.

In fact, the Lone Star State has a reputation for many things, such as killer barbecue, stunning views of bluebonnets, Texas-shaped pools, and harrowing driving experiences. However, a recent study found that Texas is also the most haunted state in the U.S.

The ranking was compiled by analysts at BonusFinder and Ghostquest, who leveraged data from Ghosts of America and Find a Grave. They found that Texas beat out other states in terms of the reported number of ghost sightings (7,517 per 100,000 people), haunted locations (925 per 100,000 people), and paranormal investigators (158 per 100,000 people).

Its number of cemeteries is only surpassed by Kentucky — 13,710 versus 18,589.

Texas was followed by Maine, Florida, and Vermont, yet it is worth noting that Texans pulled way ahead when it came to ghost sightings. Florida reported 79.8 per 100,000 and Maine reported 58.3 per 100,000 people, making them second- and third-ranked in this category, respectively.

In terms of North Texas, here is a list of some hair-raising spots to check out — that is, if you dare.

Downtown McKinney

The 170-year-long history of downtown McKinney includes quite a number of spooky tales involving various buildings and homes in its center. Even the Collin County History Museum has its own ghost rumors, with many saying it is haunted by a former postmaster named Walter who worked there when it was a post office at the turn of the 20th century.

Other haunted establishments are said to be Old Collin County Prison, the McKinney Performing Arts Center, The Celt Irish Pub, Buckner Cemetery, and The Artist Lofts.

Don’t forget to check out the three haunted houses on Chestnut Square, with ghost tours offered to those seeking a closer look at the paranormal happenings.

Old Alton Bridge

This iron-truss bridge in Denton is also referred to as the Goatman’s Bridge due to it reportedly being haunted by a goat farmer said to have been lynched there by the Ku Klux Klan in 1938. Those who have spotted the farmer’s ghost say he has glowing eyes and a goat’s head.

To not risk running into the ghost, locals say you should knock three times to warn him that you’re coming before setting foot on the bridge.

Ranch 111

Ranch 111 in Garland was rumored to be an abandoned Scout camp where witches’ covens and satanic cults would allegedly perform sacrilegious acts in the woods.

It has since been transformed into a subdivision, the Firewheel Golf Course, and One-Eleven Park.

The Adolphus Hotel

The Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas opened in 1912 as the pet project of beer magnate Adolphus Busch. Yet the elegant European craftsmanship is not the only thing luring guests to its 407 rooms.

Supernatural happenings have been reported by guests, including unexplained slamming doors, sounds of piano music, loud footsteps, and more.

White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake in Dallas is said to be home to the Lady of the Lake, a woman dressed in a white, wet dress that roams the shore.

Many claim to have spotted the ghostly apparition. In 1952, one young couple said they picked her up one night after seeing her in the middle of the road. After driving her home, the couple turned to look at her in the backseat but she had disappeared. A man residing in the home later told them his daughter had died in a boating accident on White Rock Lake 10 years earlier.

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