Dallas Ranked Most Dangerous City To Drive

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Dallas and other North Texas cities were high on Forbes’ list of cities where drivers are most likely to get in car accidents.

The ranking considered the 50 largest cities measured by population in the U.S. Census.

Three separate metrics were evaluated to compile the list, including vehicle-related deaths per 100,000, average number of years between residents’ successive collisions, and relative collision likelihood, which measures the probability of getting into a crash compared to the national average, per Forbes.

Atlanta and Dallas tied for first on the official list of the “Top 50 Cities Where You’re Most Likely to Get in a Car Accident,” meaning drivers in these two cities have the greatest chances of getting into an accident.

Both cities were ranked in the top 10 for each of the metrics that contributed to the overall rankings.

Dallas had a fatality rate of 16.5 per every 100,000 people, the seventh-highest on the list.

Drivers in Dallas also averaged just 7.22 years between collisions, the 10th-shortest period of time among all the cities listed. Similarly, the city ranked 10th for the highest relative likelihood of getting into a collision, registering a 46.5% chance of a crash.

Two other North Texas cities also ranked in the top 25 for overall likelihood of getting into a car accident: Fort Worth was ranked 15th on the list, while Arlington was ranked 17th.

Texas had seven cities made the list, trailing only behind California, which saw eight cities listed. Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso were the other four Texas cities to land in the top 50.

With so many dangerous cities to drive in, it comes as little surprise that Forbes also ranked Texas as the seventh-most dangerous state to drive in.

In 2022, 15,299 crashes resulted in 18,880 people sustaining serious injuries in Texas, per The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Texas saw 4,481 deaths sustained while driving that year, among the most in any U.S. state. According to TxDOT, 1,163 of these deaths occurred in an accident where one of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol, accounting for 25.95% of the death toll. TxDOT estimates that one person died from a car crash every hour and 57 minutes.

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