TikToker Shares Costco Price Hacks

Costco membership card and receipt | Image by dennizn

Some cost-saving tips have been shared by savvy customers who shop at Costco.

Ryan Quinlan recently took to TikTok to reveal what he recently learned as a regular Costco shopper.


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His TikTok video, which has already gleaned over 2 million views, breaks down the pricing codes used at Costco. He encouraged viewers to “[never] miss a great deal again.”

The crux of his discovery lies right after the decimal point in the prices. He claimed subtle indicators suggest potential discounts. Here is a breakdown:

  • Full Price Items: Products priced with “.99” at the end usually indicate that they are at their regular or full price.
  • Store Manager Deals: Have you ever spotted a “.97”? This typically means an item has been given a price that is unique to the individual store. It could indicate a short-lived exclusive deal — search online for the item’s regular price to calculate the savings.
  • Manufacturer Special Offers: Prices ending in “.49” or “.79” denote a special promotional offer from the manufacturer. Often, these items are on a trial run, and as Quinlan said in his video, they are “usually cheaper than the retail price.”
  • Last in Stock: Items tagged with “.00” at the end could be the last few pieces in stock. It is an indicator that the store’s management wants these products to be sold quickly.
  • The Mysterious Asterisk: Ever noticed an asterisk on a Costco price tag? It signifies a discontinued item. While this may be bad news since one of your go-to products might have been marked for “death,” the silver lining is that it will be marked at a much lower price since the store wants to clear its stock quickly. Shelf space is prime real estate.

While Quinlan’s video focused on Costco, similar codes can be seen at Sam’s Club, according to Mashed.

  • N, A, or C: These letters can indicate how likely a product is to be marked down in the future. The least likely items to go on sale will have “N” on their price tag. This means they are “never out” and thus always in stock. Next in line are products marked with “A.” This means “active.” Such products probably will not be subject to markdowns anytime soon. “C” refers to products that have been “canceled.” They are the most likely to see price reductions, so stock up.
  • “S” means seasonal: Goods marked with an “S” are seasonal fare. Strategic customers can wait until just before the season changes to get the best deals.
  • Prices ending in 1: Clearance items will frequently end with one cent. Take advantage of the reduced costs when “.91” or “.41” prices come around.

Other retailers use comparable systems, so there is little to lose and much to gain by looking for price tag patterns while shopping.

Happy shopping, price detectives.

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