Dallas PD Rescues Pup | Dog or Coyote?

DPD officers found Toast huddled near a dumpster | Image by Dallas Animal Services

On Monday, the Dallas Police Department found a pup it named “Toast” in South Dallas. Now, officials suspect Toast might actually be a coyote.

DPD officers found Toast huddled near a dumpster on February 20. If the circumstances leading to Toast’s abandonment weren’t mystery enough, the rescuers soon began to wonder about the pup himself. They called Dallas Animal Services (DAS) and kept Toast in their patrol car until DAS officers arrived, per WFAA.

Dallas Animal Services brought Toast back to the shelter. But even under close scrutiny, they could not determine his species.

Marlo Clingman, a spokesperson for DAS, told The Dodo, “The responding animal services officer brought him back to the shelter, where many people commented that he looked like a little coyote!”

While DAS’ resident wildlife expert does not believe Toast is a coyote, the agency is performing a DNA test to come to a conclusion.

“Toast is great! He’s a fluffy little pup with a big personality,” Clingman said, as reported by The Dodo. “His eye color is consistent with a domesticated breed, but we are curious what the DNA test results will show.”

The DNA results will likely take a few days to determine what species Toast is.

While the answer to this question will likely impact how Toast will be handled in the future, DAS has already found him a temporary home while everyone waits for the results.

“Our wildlife animal services officer Jacqueline Sutherland is going to foster Toast while we await the DNA test results. What happens next will determine whether we can adopt out Toast or if we need to find other placement solutions,” said Clingman, per The Dodo.

Hopefully, Toast’s results will be announced soon. Whatever the future holds for the pup, DAS will make sure it involves a safe home and not a dumpster.

Dallas Animal Services and the Dallas Police Department did not immediately return requests for comment.

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  1. Bill

    Inbreeding between domestic dogs and coyotes is possible. My two-year-old male pitbull recently met a very accommodating coyote lady and I caught them in the act, I was quite surprised.

    • Osage

      Wow! Those puppies will have a strong personality! Long time ago my parents had a great Dane that crossed with a coyote. Her puppies were adorable but they were all mean except one. The others were adopted but the one we kept had a sweet personality. Loved children. He definitely had a wild look and when he did get in an occasional dog fight he would get on his back to fight. Someone said that is how coyotes fight

  2. Sharon

    What will become of him if they determine he is a coyote?


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