Dallas Man Chases Fifth Total Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipse | Image by Pitris/Getty Images

Some couples chase the sun when they retire, but Bob and Imelda Bedell have been chasing the sun and the moon.

Bob Bedell of Dallas has witnessed four solar eclipses in his life. While it may not sound like many, the elusiveness of the events means the self-proclaimed ‘solar eclipse chaser’ likely boasts a higher total than most.

Now, on April 8, the North Texas native will enjoy his fifth viewing from his home state.

“You may never have an opportunity to see it again and feel creation with the sun the moon and the earth align,” Bedell said, per CBS News Texas.

He is not wrong. Getting a glimpse of a total solar eclipse is no easy feat. Not only do you have to be at the right place, but you must be there at the right time. Fortunately, Dallasites reside in the right spot and time for the upcoming event.

To accumulate four previous viewings, Bob had to travel to remote places such as the South Pacific and even Siberia. The chase began for the Bedell’s once their schedule opened after retiring. Following their first journey, Bob said they were hooked.

“It’s just awesome when you see the corona and you can see some solar prominences some purple colors shooting out from the sun it’s just awesome,” said Bedell, per CBS News Texas.

As reported in The Dallas Express, the last time the City was in the path of totality, allowing for premium eclipse viewing, was 1878, almost 150 years ago. After April 8, the next total solar eclipse visible from the Big D will not be expected until 2317, nearly 300 years from now.

The City is hosting several total solar eclipse viewing events, which you can find here.

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