Texas Scientists Receive Grant for HIV Vaccine


Vaccine | Image by javirozas

Texas scientists have received a substantial award for research into the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has given a new four-year grant of nearly $4 million to the Texas Biomedical Research Institute for advancement in developing a vaccine for HIV.

HIV is a type of virus that assaults the body’s immune system and can lead to the eventual development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). The CDC says that, as of now, there is no cure for this affliction.

Research on this potential “promising” vaccine is headed by Dr. Marie-Claire Gauduin. She and her team have been observing how this vaccine works on a genetic and molecular level in primates.

According to the NIH, about one million new HIV infections occur each year. Progress toward a vaccine has been slow over the years.

Gauduin has been developing this potential vaccine for over 10 years with support from previous grants from the NIH.

“I had this idea as a postdoc,” said Dr. Gauduin, according to a press release, as reported by KXAN. “I thought it had to be naïve because nobody was talking about it. It was so obvious and simple to me; I thought someone would have already done it.”

This new vaccine is a “live attenuated vaccine,” which is based on the genetic code of the virus but is edited to remove harmful aspects. This method of vaccine is already in use for other afflictions such as smallpox, yellow fever, measles, and chicken pox.

Mutations in HIV, however, have prevented this method from working in the past.

Gauduin claimed that this new vaccine could mitigate the effects of the virus with one dose with “no boosting required, compared to daily antiretroviral pills,” reported KXAN.

This team of scientists observed that the primates that had the vaccine administered became infected with SIV, the primate variant of the virus, long after a group that had not received the vaccines. While infection eventually did occur, no symptoms of the disease were discovered.

“I did not think it would work so well, but it did,” said Gauduin in the press release, per KXAN.

Gauduin hopes that this vaccine will soon advance to human trials. She also expects to explore different delivery methods to administer the vaccine.

Up next, the vaccine will be tested on a larger group of animals to determine if it is safe and effective.

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fed up with Dallas County
fed up with Dallas County
14 days ago

Rather than test this on animals shouldn’t they just demand the entire world take it and then see what happens? That’s what we did last time. [/sarc]

14 days ago

This is the stuff of nightmares…
QUOTE: This new vaccine is a “live attenuated vaccine,” which is based on the genetic code of the virus but is edited to remove harmful aspects.

This is lunacy. These folks are playing ‘god’.
And what happens when shedding occurs from the jabbed?

People should read “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy, Jr. to get some of the horrendous, psychopathic history which Fauci employed on HIV via NIH. It was murder by government.

Remember the 2013 movie “Dallas Buyers Club”…Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a real-life AIDS patient who smuggled unapproved pharmaceutical drugs into Texas when he found them effective at improving AIDS symptoms.

I’m aghast.
There is so much that people aren’t being told.
For example:
All the vaccines on the childhood schedule have never been safety tested in a double-blind study against an inert placebo (like saltwater). Most childhood vaccine ‘safety’ trials never lasted more than a few months. Some trials were less than a week.
Some of those childhood vaccines have an incredible toxic load of aluminum which gets injected into the bloodstream. Because aluminum is extremely toxic, it is used as an adjuvant. The immune system goes into overdrive trying to handle the aluminum. The immune system tries to go after anything it deems as foreign. Childhood allergies and other side effects can result from this…think about the mechanism…the immune system via the aluminum starts to identify anything in the system as ‘foreign’…and thus if peanut oil or eggs was in the vaccine, then an allergy to peanuts or eggs could result…or pollen in the nose….
The United States has the highest infant mortality rate of any first world nation. There is a reason why.

Edward H. Sebesta
Edward H. Sebesta
13 days ago

In the scientific press the issue with live attenuated HIV vaccines has been discussed for decades. The issue is that scientists are afraid that the attenuated virus would restore itself in the person receiving the vaccine.

This doesn’t preclude that a safe way has been found, but this article is not informative about this doctors research. I am getting the feeling that the interviewer was confused.

The novel element here is that the vaccine targets specific interior linings of the vagina and rectum and directly stop infection at the point of entry.

Dr. Gauduin understand the risks of an attenuated virus and has put in multiple modifications to the viral genetic code to prevent restoration of function. However, this is a well known method. I still don’t understand why her doing this reduces risk. But all the biomolecular sciences are advancing and it could be a new method.

The fact that the National Institute of Health has awarded $3.8 million suggest that there is something very promising about this approach.

Myself will be more interested in the mRNA HIV vaccine and there is another HIV vaccine technology without attenduated virus. However, given that the failure to develope vaccines over decades, Dr. Gauduin’s approach should be funded. For some populations it it will be worth the risk. Also, with any technology there is iteration with improvements. All our eggs shouldn’t be in one basket.

Further it seems that your commentors so far are anti-vaxxers. My instructions to my readers is never to argue with anti-vaxxers. When the next pandemic comes a person will want the line as short as possible for themselves to get vaccinated.