Fitness Co. Brings Workout Suit Tech to DFW

OHM Fitness Studio | Image by OHM Fitness, Shutterstock

A new high-tech, high-energy fitness experience is heading to North Texas.

Local resident and seasoned franchisee Shivam Khanna recently secured Area Representative rights to bring OHM Fitness studios to the Texas Triangle, including 25 locations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Founded in 2022, OHM Fitness is a boutique first-to-market franchise based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The fitness brand specializes in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts that utilize skin-tight bodysuits called EMPower suits.

The EMPower suit works by exploiting EMS technology to engage every major muscle group in rapid, full flex mode — an accomplishment that Doug Payne, co-founder of OHM Fitness, claims has been impossible to achieve through any other workout.

“The EMPower suit is the core of our innovative approach to fitness,” Payne told The Dallas Express.

By sending up to 80 times more impulse contractions than the human brain during conventional training, the EMPower suit is essentially able to “hack” the human workout process, ultimately condensing the benefits of a two-hour workout into a low-impact 25-minute session.

For example, Payne says one pushup with the EMPower suit is equivalent to 80 standard pushups.

“This is how people are getting incredible results in as little as two to three 25-minute sessions per week,” he told The Dallas Express. “It’s like finding a shortcut to reaching your fitness goals without compromising on results.”

“At OHM Fitness, we have created the opportunity to beat your brain at its own game,” Payne said in a recent press release. “Your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles to make them move, but muscles can only contract about once per second or repetition. OHM Fitness lets you use science and technology to actively game the system,” he said.

Due to OHM’s smaller footprint relative to its competitors, Payne believes the brand can carefully navigate diverse markets, effectively tap into those markets, and then appropriately cater to those markets’ niche customer base.

With 20 years of franchisee experience, Khanna believes the Texas Triangle is an ideal region to grow the brand’s footprint.

“The Texas Triangle is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States and is a perfect place to introduce the OHM Fitness brand,” said Khanna in the press release.

“By revolutionizing the fitness industry for the digital age,” OHM Fitness can give people a “safe, convenient, and effective strategy for upholding their health regardless of their fitness ability or experience,” the release read.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise or increased physical activity is essential to treating obesity, one of the nation’s top health concerns, as The Dallas Express has often reported. DFW is the 19th-most obese metro in the United States, a study by Wallet Hub revealed, and more than 40% of American adults are obese.

Over the next few years, OHM plans to open 70 fitness studios across the Texas Triangle, including 25 in DFW, 25 in Houston, and 20 across Austin and San Antonio.

Khanna plans to open the first 25 fitness studios in DFW before branching out to the state’s other major metros. He is currently working with Jim Dune of Union Partners to identify potential locations in DFW to house the fitness brand in hopes of a grand opening by the end of 2023, the news release said.

To date, OHM Fitness has sold the right to 12 regions, totaling more than 275 future studios. The territories currently in development include Texas, Arizona, San Diego, South Florida, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and North Carolina.

Once suitable retail locations have been identified, Payne told The Dallas Express that the OHM Fitness franchise will work closely with Shivam to prepare a special announcement about the brand’s grand entry into the Dallas market.

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