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Monday, November 28, 2022
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RNC Leadership Campaigns for Lauren Davis, Faith Johnson


Dallas County judge candidate Lauren Davis and district attorney candidate Faith Johnson | Image by Lauren Davis 4 Dallas County Judge Facebook

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Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and co-chair Thomas Hicks were in Dallas Monday to campaign for Dallas County judge candidate Lauren Davis and district attorney candidate Faith Johnson.

Both candidates spoke first, with Johnson promising to repeal the policy instituted by current DA John Creuzot of not prosecuting crimes of theft of items worth less than $750.

Davis vowed to keep the government out of schools and medical decisions, accusing current county judge Clay Jenkins of government overreach with his COVID mandates. She also promised to strengthen parental rights in education.

Chairwoman McDaniel praised Davis and Johnson, confidently telling the attendees at Davis’ campaign headquarters that both candidates will win their respective races for seats currently held by Democrats.

“People who were let down by the Democrat Party, who feel like they’ve been abandoned, whose voices aren’t heard, are stepping up in numbers we’ve never seen in running for school board and county commissioner and county judge and district attorney,” said McDaniel.

She continued, “They’re saying, ‘Enough is enough, I can’t just count on these elected officials to do the right thing by my family by my kids, I have to step up and make the difference.'”

“I’m usually focused on Senate and House races, so why are we here?” McDaniel continued. “Because it starts at the local level. That’s where it all starts. And what you do with this election is going to make a difference statewide for years to come.”

McDaniel said Texas is on the front line against “a pro-criminal, anti-family, pro-open border” Democratic Party.

“It is a party that is abandoning freedom and the very principles that make our country the greatest country on Earth,” McDaniel asserted. “This really is the most important election in our lifetime.”

McDaniel concluded by urging the attendees to campaign for Davis and Johnson by spreading the word to neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers.

“We want to put everything we have between now and November 8 into winning this country, and it starts right here in Dallas County,” said McDaniel.

Co-chairman Hicks, a Dallas resident, spoke with The Dallas Express after the event.

“It’s very important to me as a citizen that we get the right people elected,” Hicks said. “I lived in Washington DC [and] saw what elected tyranny looks like firsthand with Mayor Bowser, and we can’t have that here in Dallas.”

Hicks is confident that Davis and Johnson are the right people for their respective positions.

“Lauren is a businesswoman, she’s a mother, she’s a wife, she’s terrific, she’s a non-politician,” said Hicks. “She felt compelled to go run because she wants to fix problems that she’s seeing in day-to-day life, and as a Dallas citizen, I love that. I want to see more people out there with those qualifications running for office.

“And Faith is a law-and-order person,” Hicks continued. “She’s ready to follow the law, the letter of the law, not let criminals out who have stolen $750 or less worth of goods; We can’t have that. This is Texas, for crying out loud; I mean, we need to follow the law.”

Davis said RNC leadership campaigning for her and Johnson shows the RNC’s renewed effort to support candidates in local races.

“Local politics is ground zero now, where it’s been normally on the national issues, we’ve seen during COVID the absolute power grab, and it happened at the most local level,” Davis said. “So, I think [McDaniel is] here to recognize that as a party as a whole so that people know how serious it is.

“It is to show the strength of the Republican Party and that we will no longer be caught sleeping on our local races,” Davis concluded.

Davis added that she is confident she will be the winner once the November 8 election day concludes, despite the fact that Democrats have historically been heavily favored.

“We have a ton of momentum,” said Davis. “We are converting Democrats and independents alike, particularly in my race, because people are tired of career politicians being self-serving, and I’m just here as a mother, as a wife, as a business owner who just wants to make a difference.”

Early voting for the November 8 election runs from October 24 to November 4. You can check your voter registration and find your voting location on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

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Bill Underhill
Bill Underhill
2 months ago

I was at this event and there is definitely a lot of interest in these two races. Crime is out of control and Soros backed DAs area a major part of the problem. I heard if Cruezot wins, he will raise the amount you can shoplift to $900 before you get charged. This is insane.

ed lopez
ed lopez
Reply to  Bill Underhill
2 months ago

Faith Johnson has already been DA and was a total failure, and by the way, Soros doesn’t know or care who the Dallas DA is !

Bill Underhill
Bill Underhill
Reply to  ed lopez
2 months ago

Soros doesn’t care about Cruezot? I guess that is why he gave him a bunch of $$?